Prost by King Ludwig – Trendy German Restaurant

Mira Mall has recently been renovated and added 3/F to the building as a eatery floor. Prost by King Ludwig is one of the newly opened restaurants taking over a large space of the floor. 

King Ludwig? Our favourite German Beer hall? That’s right! Prost is a sister restaurant of King Ludwig, with a wider menu catering for younger generation, while maintaining its staple dishes like Pork Knuckles, German Sausages, and of course German beer! 

Knutsford is not the only place for drinks in TST nowadays. Mira Mall 3/F is the way to go. It was very spacious with a fresh look, neatly decorated with comfortable seating. 

Outdoor area is also available for y’all smokers or outdoor lovers. We were also told that a food truck will be put in space later on once the escalator is built. 

At Prost, not only a selection of draft German beer can be found on tap, but also some special cocktails prepared by experienced mixologist, only available at Prost. 

Vesper $68 (top left and middle)

A recipe taken from the James Bond movie, it is a very dry Martini of a certain famous secret agent….Shaken, not stirred.

French Martini $75 (top right)

A sweeter version of Martini made from Chambord, Vodka, Pineapple Juice. A drink filled with mixed fruit flavour. 

Orientaltini $68 (bottom left)

A Martini to fight against cold in this Winter. It is made from Lychee and Ginger, the flavours of Orient, all served up in a Martini glass.

Coconut Cream $65 (bottom middle)

A creamy coconut-y mocktail made from delicious of Coconuts, Pineapple, and Hazelnut.

Orange Honey $58 (bottom right)

A housemade drink that changes from time to time. Again, this warm winter would be perfect for this cold weather. 

Mixed Lettuce Bowl, Crudites, Laugen Crisps, and freshly sautéed Mushroom with our House Dressing (for 2-3 persons) ($155)

田園素菜沙律配脆包片及雜菌伴秘製沙律醬 (2-3位用) 

What’s not to love with a good salad to tease our appetite? The salad leaves were fresh and we particularly liked the laugen crisps they used to add a German twist to the dish. 

Pulled Pork in toasted Brioche Bread with BBQ Sauce and Guacamole and Coleslaw Salad ($95)

The tender and flavour-rich pull pork had been cooked for long hours. Interestingly, it was sandwiched in two pieces of brioche bread toasted with a waffle maker. The fluffy waffle-liked toasties created a good bite while absorbing all the juicy goodness from the pork. 

A crispy baked flat bread with toppings of Sour Cream, Onions and Bacon Dennete (Tomato Sauce is also available) ($125) + Garlic Prawns ($60)
脆烤餅以配酸忌廉、洋蔥及煙肉 (可選番茄醬)  德式風味脆烤餅+蒜片蝦 

What are the pizzas like at a German restaurant? It was very unique and nothing liked any pizzas from Italian restaurant. It was a bit dough with the pizza base, while the toppings were quite loading with onions. By adding deep fried garlic prawns on top, it delivered another level of crunchiness. 

Prawn Fritters on Sugar Cane with Pomelo and Chili Sauce ($115)


The prawn cakes were were seasoned with mixed spices, delivering a pungent spiciness from the sauce, while the fresh juicy pomelo watered down the heat. It would be great to have a couple of chill German beer to go down with it. 

Brown Beer and Seafood Soup ($90)


Once the soup was brought to our table, the aroma from the beer urged into the air. The soup was cooked with a mixed of seafood and interestingly, some rice to fill you up during a cold night out.  

Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Shrimp ($90)


The creamy pumpkin was naturally sweetened in taste from the pumpkin. Some pumpkin seeds were also topped to give the soup an extra crunch. Not to forget about the shrimps because they were bouncy to the max! 

“Goettinger Wurst” (2 pcs) – Pork and Beef Meat, minced and Served with “Sauerkraut” or Potato Salad mildly smoked, ($135)


A sausage with stronger taste and juicier in the casing, when comparing to the Italian sausage below. Since we are meat lovers so it was perfect for us to share among friends. 

“Salsiccia” Italian Styled Sausages with Fennel Seeds Potato and Onion Sauce ($130)

We have chosen both sausage dishes to be served with fennel seeds potato salad. This Italian sausage was a bit stronger in herb taste yet milder in the gamey taste. If you found it too heavy, try to switch the side to Sauerkraut which could help with your digestion and appetite! 

US Rib Eye (10 oz $270)


With no emphasis needed, we are meat lovers and we would love any good old succulent steak! The restaurant was thoughtful enough to serve their perfectly cooked steak on a hot metal plate, not to keep cooking it but just to maintain its temperature. 

The steak was charcoal grilled and was done right with a sexy pink centre. If you are having a bigger group of people, you may consider ordering their bigger 16oz rib eye steak for a very reasonable $370

Crispy Salmon Steak on Seafood Jambalaya (1- 2 persons) ($215)

三文魚扒配海鮮新奧爾良焗飯 (1-2位用) 

The jambalaya was filled with an assorted seafood including prawn, clam, mussel, calamari, also sausages, baby corns, sun dried tomatoes and okra. 

The mildly spicy jambalaya was packed with aromatic seasonings as well as the fresh seafood taste. The strong flavour from the rice coated with sauce was definitely mouth watering and we couldn’t help but refilling our bowls non-stop.

Spaghetti with Pesto and marinated Vegetables ($135)


The mixed zucchini and aubergines were some nice picks to go with the refreshing pesto base pasta, topped with sun-dried tomatoes and dried garlic slices.  

This vegetarian friendly dish was definitely a go-to for those who does not into meat as much as us. This colourful dish may also be suitable for kids who refuse to eat veggie! 

Pear and Mango Crumble with Custard Sauce ($95)


One of the healthiest desert we have ever seen. The pear was cooked with fresh mango stuffed inside, with the classic crumble covering the top. 

The tart from the pear and the sweet and sourness from the mango were complementing each other flawlessly. Do go crazy with their custard sauce if you fancy!  

Fresh baked Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream ($95)

A typical scrumptious chocolatey desert to share with friends. One thing to appreciate is their chilled ice cream. We literally left the dessert there for a good 5 mins and it still didn’t melt at all. Nothing could be worse than a scoop of melted ice cream on top of a piece of soggy brownie.  

The brownie wasn’t die hard rocket hard and sweet, instead, it was soft, moist and not too sweet at all! The fresh vanilla ice cream and sprinkled pistachio easily lightened the brownie.

Red Bean Tiramisu with Green Tea (


The cream cheese was smooth, while the cake delivered a hint of alcoholic espresso taste, and red bean provided an extra sweetness and bite to it.  Despite the amazing tiramisu mixture, the chocolate “pocky” was surprisingly tasty too! It was nothing like the store bought ones but it was filled with chocolatey hard biscuits inside! Brilliant idea! 

Big Combination ($180)

Among the four desserts in the platter, we liked the Traditional German Cheese Cake the most, the freshly baked daily,the base crust was buttery yet still very crispy, while the mango panna cotta was as smooth as the cheesecake but less dense, and the apple crumble also didn’t disappoint us. This platter would were meant for sharing and it’s good for those who can’t make decisions easily. 

Prost is your new place to “chillex”, enjoying some affordable yet hearty meaty German dishes or creative Western-Italian signatures, with a few steins of draft beer or innovative cocktails. This chic restaurant caters the need for everyone with their universal menu served in both of their indoor and outdoor areas! 

Address: Shop 3010A&B, 3/F, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2473 0168

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