Moonshine & The Po’Boys – A Hip Night Out with Southern Food

Located on the Star Street in Wan Chai, only 10 mins walk from Admiralty MTR, Moonshine & Po’Boys features American Southern cuisine with its signature like Moonshine cocktails, cajun flavoured seafood, Po’Boys sandwiches and some classic American desserts. 

Wan Chai Star + Sun + Moon streets are famous for good bites with amazing vibe, we feel so lucky to have discovered a new place to hang out in this friendly neighborhood area. 

In this dynamic area, the restaurant got us attracted with its name, where moonshine as a disguised alcohol name during the alcohol prohibition in the US, and po’boy simply means poor boy has now transformed into a traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana. 

The two-storey restaurant offers the upper floor a more private area for some big groups of people and some sofa chairs are also placed facing out, but why? 

Well, it’s because during every Wednesday night, live bands music would be available at the mini stage opposite to the upper floor. Customers should considering choosing the upper deck for better view if they enjoy live music. 

Back to the lower floor, being submerged in chic decors, our stomach had started rumbling. We have started with some signature cocktails for a quite fix. 

Smoked Bacon Old Fashioned ($135)

The restaurant uses all housemade infused hard drinks like this bacon bourbon mixed with chocolate bitter, brown sugar and aromatic bitter. 

The alcohol mixture was held in a super cool skull glass jar for some live wood smoking! That’s not it! The serving glass with orange peel was a perfect combination with the modern Old Fashioned! 

The skull jar was quickly sealed after being smoked and they let the customers to enjoy the pleasure of pouring smoke and the their own drink into the cocktail glass. 

Without a doubt, the smokiness was very prominent yet complementing nicely with everything an Old Fashion should have with an addition of bacon flavour for a kick. Based on the skills used and the passion from this drink, it was definitely worth the price!

Peanut Butter and Popcorn Milkshake ($135)

If you know me well, I am a big fan of peanut butter. I would probably eat everything that has the world peanut butter in it. This innovative cocktail was made with Makers Mark, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, topped with crispy popcorn. 

Compared to other peanut butter milkshake I have had in other places, this one was actually milder and lighter in texture, yet the taste was fresh with the nuttiness. Since this is an alcoholic cocktail, we found the sweetness and the bitterness actually balanced out with each other, however, it may not be the best drink to order for those who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Plus, we were quite surprised that some of the popcorn was still crispy after being soaked in the drink. 

Iceberg Salad ($80)

Sitting on a bed of fresh and crispy as hell iceberg lettuce, there were spiced croutons, pine nuts, olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, radish, shallots, sprinkled with roasted garlic Parmesan. It was a light and refreshing starter to share among friends. 

New England Clam Chowder ($98)

There were quite a lot of clams in this little bowl of soup, along with some potato chunks that were very soft and almost mashy-like, don’t skip out on the garlic bread because it was super crunchy and packed with strong garlic flavour. We found it a perfect match to dip the bread into the soup! Thou, wondering if the price was being a bit aggressive to this portion? 

Bayou Bucket 

The restaurant takes the name of the dishes seriously to its US root! Bayou Bucket an annual college football game! The seafood bucket contained all in-season picks including king crab legs, tiger prawns, blue crab, clams and mussels with andouille sausage, sweet corn on the cob, and new potatoes

with your choice of sauces between cajun garlic butter, sichuan peppercorn, and pepper lemon and herbs. We have picked sichuan peppercorn sauce and it was mildly spicy which went well with the fresh and light seafood 

BBQ Rib Eyes

The steak still had a pink center and it was tender and juicy. Dipping with their BBQ sauce would be the way to go. 

BBQ Iberico Baby Back Ribs ($250)

The ribs were marinated for long hours with signature Jack Daniel and Peach BBQ sauce. We liked that it was not too sweet and too saucy. The ribs they use are generally fattier than other places, therefore, they were all very soft the meat could be torn off easily. 

Cajun Fried Half Chicken ($100)

The KFC-like fried chicken was definitely better than KFC. It was in fact not as salty as KFC and the seasoning was comparatively light. The huge chicken thigh was fried with only a thin layer of batter, served with crunchy soleslaw and cranberry apple sauce. Someone said he could eat that every day, could you? 

Dirty Rice Jambalaya ($68)

Although our appetite had reached the sated stage, this jambalaya was something we couldn’t resist to have one and other spoonfuls. The very aromatic rice was cooked with secret flavourful minced meat sauce, topped with a few big fresh prawns and paprika powder. The smoky flavour from the paprika gave the dish an attitude, a BBQ-like attitude. 

We had ordered two sizzling desserts served on hot skillet and both were topped with nice dollop of vanilla ice cream. 

Left: Ebony & Ivory ($80)
Right: American Crumble ($80)

We already got excited before it arrived because it again had peanut butter! OMG! After around 10 – 15 mins wait, the warm lava chocolate brownie was served in front of us. The brown was topped with cherries with bacon bits and peanut butter sauce. We enjoyed how it was still very moist in the centre even after being baked and served in a super hot skillet. 

p.s. ice cream may be melted very quickly so do try to finish them asap! 

We made a right decision to try the Ebony & Ivory brownie first because this American Crumbles was a bit sweeter. There were lots of  raspberry juice oozing out, with the topping granola and salted bourbon caramel making a nice contrast in texture. It was crunchy and cold on top; soft and warm inside. 

Both desserts were highly addictive, we liked they were served on a hot skillet to keep the temperature warm during this cold weather. If you do not have a sweet tooth like me, I would suggest to go for Ebony & Ivory

Overall, Moonshine & The Po’Boys is a great hip spot to dine at in the neighborhood. You may enjoy some comforting Southern dishes surrounded by modern chic decor. Do give a couple of their cocktails a try and they will blow your mind. Why not pamper yourself when there are good drinks and food bites waiting for you? 

Address: 4 Sun Street, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2776 2668

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