BBQ 7080 – One of the Best Korean Restaurants in Causeway Bay

BBQ 7080, located in Tang Lung Street, offers some fresh selections of meat and seafood Korean BBQ dishes. 

The restaurant is painted with dynamic 3D drawings while the most eye catching one would be the old Korean street portrait with a big Bruce Lee billboard. 

Just like any other Korean restaurants, some complimentary starters were served on each table and BBQ 7080 has got us surprised with a cube of soft tofu! It was nice to start with something light before a lot of meat dishes and we liked it with some spicy kimchi! 

Apart from soft tofu, there were also bean shoots, pickled onions, shiitake mushrooms, garlic green beans, and of course some good old Korean spicy kimchi. 

Pork Rice Soup (From Je-ju) ($128)

There were not only pork belly, but also quite a lot of different parts of tripe in the soup. You would then put the rice, and chili paste into the soup for some more spices and flavour.

From all the tripe including pig heart, the soup turned a bit gelatin-ey, the meat was almost more than rice. The soup was a bit spicy yet not too overly spicy. The chili paste really had a kick to it along with the mixed flavours from different part of meat, this steaming hot dish was such a nice thing to enjoy during cold winter time. 

Grilled Pork Belly ($128)

The fat and meat ratio was perfect from the pork belly. The meat was prepared prior with cross cutting marks. 

Grilled Pork Loin 180g ($168)

The attractive marble meat was attached to a generous amount of fat. Once it was cooking, the fat is going to melt and char-grilled to perfection. We often found some pork loin very chewy but the pork loin at BBQ 7080 was tender and tear-able, definitely a great way to enjoy pork as a pork lover. 

The thick cut of meat only takes 5-10 mins to cook on the griddle. Let the meat sit for while before flipping to another side to trap the juice inside the meat. 

The staff were professional and were more than happy to assist you with the cooking process but it’s actually fun to prepare the food by yourself with the control of the fire and flipping frequency. 

What’s more delicious? Wrapping your meat, onion, garlic, kimchi with bean paste and fresh lettuce, then take it in one bite. Yes, one bite. This actually challenges you with your food wrapping skills. 

Grilled Sliced Beef Chuck Flap Tail 180g ($248)

This was our favourite dish of the night. The fat was spread evenly in the protein like marble. Each piece was thinly sliced and marinated with special sauce. Isn’t it pretty just by looking at it? 

The thinner the meat, the faster it cooks. It is important not to overcook a nice piece of meat otherwise the taste and the texture would be ruined. 

Without disappointment, the nicely seasoned meat melted in your mouth in no time. We were recommended to enjoy any beef dishes with garlic sesame oil to boost up the flavour. 

Korean-style Grilled Eel (From Tong Young) 200g ($198)

The eel was freshly prepared and it was cooked and seasoned with some sweet sauce in front of our eyes. It was particularly difficult to prepare this dish as the control of the flipping was crucial. You must flip it often to avoid the sticking and overcooking. Each piece of eel was coated with the specially prepared sauce for at least 3 to 4 times before it was served. 

It tasted not as savoury as the Japanese eel yet full of its original eel fish taste. Not to mention the size which was a lot bigger and meatier than the Japanese type. 

p.s. Just be careful of the little short bones

Beef Short Ribs (Marinated) 400g ($248)

The beef short ribs were huge in size, it almost covered the whole griddle plate. As the meat was prepared and marinated beforehand, it caramelised nicely on the outside, making it a perfect match with a glass of nice soju or rice wine. 

Grilled Ox Tongue 180g ($148)

The dish was plated beautifully like a meat flower. The ox tongue was sliced super thinly and it looked fresh from its bright red colour. 

The meat was very tender and moist after grilled, not like any other tough and hard ox tongue that I have had before. It was more finger-licking to have it wrapped with all the Korean condiments in crispy lettuce. 

Grilled Pork Rinds 180g ($98)

Since we were not a big fan of fatty meat and generally fat. It was our first time having grilled pork rinds. The pork rind took around 20 mins to cook, and it surprisingly shrank a lot in size and its texture has become like some hard jello. It was a very chewy from its high content of collagen, it is believed that collagen should be very good for your skin, yes, in every way. 

It is also recommended to have pork rinds with kinako, roasted soy bean flour, to enhance the flavour and to reduce the greasiness. 

After trying a few bites, we found it actually not as fatty as expected, we would recommend you to give it a shot and who knows you may actually like it. 

Buckwheat Noodles with Cold Broth ($98)

A common summer dish to have in Korea, the noodle was served in iced chill broth. BBQ 7080 also provides you mustard and vinegar which you may add to your broth to your liking. We particularly liked this dish here as it was not as sweet as other places. It was light and refreshing to have even after a heavy meal. 

Cocktail Soju ($80)

The restaurant also offers a wide range of alcoholic drinks including the infamous cocktail soju. We tried the pomegranate and yuzu flavour and they were both very unique in taste with a subtle fruity hint to it. 

Draft Korean Rice Wine 750ml ($120)

A infamous Korean drink that could be drunk on a daily basis. It was mild with only 6% in alcohol. It has a rich rice taste to it with a layer of rice residual at the bottom. You could even consider this as a drink to go along with a meal or even a dessert drink afterward at BBQ 7080. 

After a meaty hearty meal, some complimentary mints and gums were given for us to clean our palette. Do give it a try especially the yellow corn rice flavoured candy! 

Tang Lung Street is not only about ramen or Thai food, there are lots of good restaurants offering a wide range of different cuisines. We would pick BBQ 7080 as our next go-to Korean restaurant in the future because of their extraordinary fresh and good quality cut of the meat. Not to mention the very caring and quick service from the staff. Throughout the whole dining experience, we were continuously served with fresh lettuce to go with our meat dishes, which is what some other Korean restaurants would rather skip and ignore these small details. Therefore, we would highly recommend you to give BBQ 7080 a try, we think it is by far one of the best Korean restaurants in Causeway Bay

Address: 2/F, Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 3904 3693

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