Nespresso Launches Limited ​​Edition Variations Grands Crus​ for Christmas

To celebrate the holiday season, Nespresso introduces three festive flavour: Vanilla Amaretti​​, Ciocco Ginger and Vanilla Cardamom which are ​inspired by the delectable aromas that resonate with the joyful Christmas​.

Christmas drinks recipes are available for you to try at the tasting area specially created by our Nespresso coffee specialists! By adding the matching syrup to the offer, it brings to another page of your coffee journey.  

If you like it raw, espresso is always a good way to enjoy the original taste of the coffee beans and its aroma, with the mouth watering thick and creamy crema floating on top. Which flavour is your favourite? 

The limited edition capsules are available in set of 3 sleeves ($189) or set of 6 sleeves including the 3 sleeves of variations capsules at (378).

Nespresso also launches limited collection cups with festive patterns, perfect for coffee lovers and Nespresso fans as a Christmas gift. 

Christmas is about giving. Nespresso offers a HK$500 discount upon selected NESPRESSO machines. If you haven’t owned one yet, it is time to appreciate yourself or your loved ones. 

Nespresso Shop: 

Shop LG2- 70, Festival Walk,  Kowloon Tong
Shop 1093, Elements, Hong Kong
Shop 1058, Podium 1, ifc Mall, Hong Kong

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