Mirabell F/W Collection – CAT Footwear, Mellow Yellow and Fitflop

Mirabell introduces their three iconic footwear brands’ fall/winter collection aiming to provide quality footwear for the cold season and “bang for the buck.” The leading fashionable footwear retailer in the territory launched CAT Footwear, Mellow Yellow and Fitflop – the visually appealing and collections that will last for years.

The three collections showcase a diverse line-up of shoes with a touch of style and comfort that are suitable for fashionistas around the globe who refuse to compromise between the two.


CAT FOOTWEAR was established by Catepillar, a well-known American industrial equipment manufacturing company, in 1991. Inspired by hard work and driven by life, the brand is committed to provide comfortable and durable worker boots. As of today, worker boots are no longer used by workers only, but they have evolved into a part of fashion. Youngsters match casual apparels with worker boots in creating a youthful and trendy style.

The brand’s worker boots tend to be a fad of the fall/winter seasons every year, as their designs are apt to build up a cool and urban chic style, yet retained the youthful femininity. To match the young girls’ taste, the brand expressly put an effort into design and color selection in order to highlight women’s femininity without losing the characteristics of being tough and cool. Grey plaid worker boot is recommended in this season, its stylish design and color collocations bring up a sense of artistic temperament, particularly suitable for ladies who are in favour of retro British style.


Mellow Yellow was found in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, in 2004. Their designs are mainly vigorous, colorful and trend-setting. The brand’s footwear and accessories play an important role in the Paris fashion scene with its trendy designs greatly appreciated by women in France. 

To highlight women’s tough and cool side, Mellow Yellow has launched several neutral footwear designs in this season. Modern trendy styles are revealed through the use of quality soft leather and streamlined designs that provide additional comfort; additionally, excellent support allows you to travel snugly without any pain. Mellow Yellow collection is certainly the most up-to-the-minute and comfortable choice for the high-steppers. Whether you are at work, friends, the collection can let you unroll glamour anytime anywhere.

FITFLOP F/W Collection

Instead of integrating traditional and contemporary innovative elements into the leisure footwear, Fitflop feature built-in triple-density MicrowobbleboardTM midsoles which are capable of diffusing underfoot pressure effectively. By delivering extraordinary comfort, ergonomically designed footwear can not only help on absorbing shock, but can also lessen joint strain, toning and trimming your legs and improving on your muscle tone.

The brand combines casual and carefree style with a touch of vogue in its fall winter collection. 

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