Hyping Boston Ice Cream: Emack & Bolio’s

Emack & Bolio’s, a famous ice cream chain store from Boston, has finally landed in Hong Kong, marking its name in this food paradise. The shop is located right at the heart of Central, just a few steps away to ease your crave for some quality tasty treats. 

The store is considered spacious with a few tables for you to enjoy your ice cream indoor sitting down. Besides ice cream, there is also a wide variety of chocolates for you to share with your friends or take home! 

All the ice cream and chocolates are directly imported from the US, therefore, supply might be limited for your favourite flavour! 

All the waffle cones are freshly made once they run out and these ones are topped with your childhood dream including rice puffs, sprinkles, chocolate, or froot loops. Loads of marshmallow was used to get things sticky. 

There are options including the traditional milk base ones, sorbet, low fat, and even no fat options! What’s more? You can also choose your own waffle cone covered with all sort of crazy toppings. 

We have picked the froot loops waffle cone, topped with cake batter (top) and chocolate peanut butter cup (bottom) ice cream. The amount was generous and we think it can be shared among 2-3 people. 

The ice cream was dense and full of ingredients. The cake batter was really like eating some cold cake with small chunks of cakes in it, while the chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream was filled with some broken pieces of goodness. They were both not over sweetened which I absolutely liked. Enjoying the ice cream with the froot loops created another flavour which gave this cone such a complexity.  

The dripping ice cream at the bottom is another part to die for, since the waffle cone was so crispy and fresh, each stage of the ice cream is like a new flavour and experience. You could hardly have an empty boring bite at Emack & Bolio’s! 

Have I mentioned the chocolates are all from the US too? It is quite rare to see these unusual options in Hong Kong which reminded me of the blocks of quality chocolates I bought in Spain. We high recommend you to try some of them or take some home, the calculation is just based on the weight that you pick. 

We got super excited to try some of them out, especially my favourite cranberry turtles and chocolate fruit slices. We surely will come back again for their chocolates treats like the nutella cups, marzipan, and of course my favourite peanut butter cups! 

Overall, the ice cream quality is better than most of other ice cream shops, the flavours are creative and fun to share with friends or families, while the price is relatively affordable for this high quality dessert shop located in a buzzing area. 

p.s. 1 there is usually a long queue if you wish to try some E&B ice cream, so make sure you drop by at a earlier time to avoid the crowd. 

p.s. 2 the owner actually owns the Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe too! They have revealed that there will be some Christmas specials coming up. Why not dropping by to get a bit more sweeter? 

Address: 26 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong

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