WOOBAR Presents Fashion Timeout with GAA Design Farm

WOOBAR has newly presented Fashion Timeout showcasing top lifestyle pop-up shops every other Monday night through GAA Design Farm’s artistic booths,with new signature dishes, drinks.

Starting from November 23rd, WOOBAR is going to feature 5 brands in a W-inspired “Enchanted Forest” setting. Tastemakers who make a purchase of over HK3,500 can even take home a limited edition W CD specially mixed by W Music Curator, Arun R. 


Taking inspiration from the hotel’s design narrative “Enchanted Forest”, the artists created a series of grainy blocks as well as large and willowy hangers to artistically symbolize rocks and trees in the forest, forming an ethereal landscape and space for appreciation. The grey, black and silver color palette adds  an urban touch to the whole experience, making it the perfect backdrop to such evenings. 


WOOBAR has launched over 20 new dishes and 30 cocktails to celebrate the debut of this program and to give you an all-rounded experience.


W Hong Kong’s W Music Curator, Arun R, has specially compiled a list of tracks for your party. You can even experience being a cover star at the photoshoot booth!

If you make a purchase of over HK$3,500 in total (including drinks, food and shop merchandise), you can take home a W CD of the tracks for free by showing your receipt upon your leave! 

Free Entry on Every Other Monday Night

OCTOBER 12th, 26th
DECEMBER 7th, 21st 

JANURARY 4th, 18th
FEBURARY 1st, 15th, 29th
MARCH 14th
APRIL 4th    

7PM – 11PM
WOOBAR (6/F W Hong Kong)
Tel: +852 3717 2889
Email: woobar.hk@whotels.com

Check out more photos on social media with #MYSHOPMYSTYLE #WOOBARHK @WHONGKONG

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