La Paloma x Viet Kitchen 2-night Menu Combines Spain & Vietnam Elements

Chef Vito Chiavacci from La Paloma and Chef Peter Cuong Franklin from Viet Kitchen have teamed up for a special 2-night menu that combines the unique flavours, authentic ingredients and cooking techniques from Vietnam and Spain. 

Herbs are the pearls in Vietnamese culinary and the selection of fresh ingredients is the core value in Spanish cooking. The La Paloma X Viet Kitchen special menu reflects the essences of both styles with a variety of signature dishes from both countries.  

To begin with, each guest will be greeted with a glass of Sangria with a touch of Vietnam, a drink that is sure to enhance your appetite and rinse your palate.  Herbs, chili, kaffir lime, lemongrass and mint are common ingredients used in Vietnamese cooking. Down the journey, eaters will be able to explore a range of classic Spanish dishes such as Roasted crispy suckling pig and Paella, both with a Vietnamese twist achieved through traditional Vietnam style seasoning and garnishing.

Rice paper rolls and Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) are the all time favorites at Viet Kitchen.  Exclusive for the collaboration, the two chefs have brought the best Spanish ingredients including Iberico ham and Spanish red prawns to the creation.

La Paloma X Viet Kitchen special 8 course menu will be available at La Paloma on 25th November and at Viet Kitchen on 28th November, priced at HK$488 per person. For bookings and reservations, please contact both restaurants directly.
La Paloma
Tel – 2291-6161
Address – 1/F, SoHo 189, 189 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Email –
Website –  
Viet Kitchen
 Tel – 2806 2068
Address – Lobby, Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong

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