Have you met IVY from the South of France?

IVY, located in IFC, named after a common French name, has been one of the most trending restaurants lately. Serving authentic South of France cuisine, the restaurant delivers fine dine experience with a casual twist to customers with fresh ingredients complemented by astonishing Victoria Harbour sea view. 

The interior of the restaurant cares about the transparency and comfort without any barriers. The big windows allowing sunlight to shine the dining area, a perfect place to enjoy a good view at any time. The warm colour of the furniture offers guests a gentle welcome with a vibe of elegance and taste.

When it comes to food, the cuisine of French riviera highlights seafood, freshness, and healthy elements. The first thing came to our eyes were the house baked bread basket including brioche buns, baguette, herb roll. They were served warm in a paper bag and it was best to enjoy with the light unsalted butter or some old extra virgin olive oil. 

What are the tomatoes for? They were freshly imported from France every day, acting as such a nice appetizer. They were really juicy and sweet when having it as it is, we were then recommended to have it with fresh lemon juice and sea salt flakes, which drastically changed its taste to somewhat cured by the citric. We think that it is such a smart kick start of a great meal with this unexpected experience, and yet, there are more excitements to come. 

French Green Beans & Foie Gras

The salad was lightly dressed with aged balsamic. The crunchy french green beans complemented nicely with the soft and smooth diced foie gras and French tomatoes, topped with finely chopped chives. This bowl of freshness was served chilled on ice, allowing customer to slowly enjoy the meal without any rush. 

Warm Prawns in Olive Oil

The warm prawns were first slow cooked to perfection, then de-shelled afterward to keep all the natural seafood flavour. Lemon juice, basil, and warm olive oil were then added before serve to lift the taste. Again, temperature played another key element for this dish, we finished the dish with our last bite being warm in the mouth.

Mussels Arrabbiata

One of the most popular dishes at IVY. The restaurant uses freshly imported French mussels, which are smaller in size but richer in taste. The pot was simply seasoned with spicy tomato sauce. Original taste wins the game. The juice at the bottom was what we were fighting for, some bread dipping actions were a must and it was heavenly! 

Tahitian Vanilla Crème Brulee

A staple dessert that maintains high quality in the restaurant. There was nothing wrong with the dish. Everything was just nicely done without a flaw. Honestly, we left the dish sitting on the table for a while before digging in but the top was still very crispy. The portion was generous making it a great dish to share with your love ones. 

We had such an scrumptious lunch at IVY, yet again another amazing restaurant by Gaia Group. As a fine dining restaurant located in IFC, we found the price relatively affordable and it is well worth it. We surely will come back again to try more signature dishes with our seafood-lover friends, or to pamper ourselves with a relaxing afternoon tea set. 

Address: Shop 2075, Level 2, IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2384 4028

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