Cedele Renews Menu with New Items

Cedele, thanks to you being one of our favourite healthy restaurants in Hong Kong, offering guilt-free scrumptious meals yet again. We particularly like this latest Causeway Bay branch because it is the most spacious branch with comfortable outdoor area. 

Knowing that the restaurant has renewed their menu, we couldn’t wait but coming to try as soon as possible. We highly recommend you to come and try it yourself and we hope you will like it too! 


Crab meat and avocado tower ($58)

Nicely structured tower using all soft ingredients. The avocado was half ripe sitting on a bed of smooth crab meat, covered with nicely seasoned chopped tomato.  A tasty healthy starter to share.

Spiced Crispy Single-Bone Chicken Wings ($58)

A great treat for you with this crispy wings. The easy-to-eat single-bone wings were dried on the outside but moist and soft inside, complementing with chili sauce was just heavenly. 

Tofu and mushroom chilled soba noodle ($130)

A very scrumptious vegetarian dish to savour. Soba was very good for our bodies, while tofu provides protein and the portobello mushroom and other mixed mushrooms gives a nice taste to the noodle. 

Grilled NZ flank steak wrap with sweet potato fries ($130) 

Sweet potato fries are complex carbs which is better than many other carbs out there. (Paloe diet friendly) Besides, the taste was just extraordinary. They were a lot sweeter than normal potato fries and they were very crispy too! Oh, not to mention the tender flank steak being wrapped in lighted heated up wrap. 

Grilled NZ flank steak ($200) (medium rare)

We knew it was nicely done already by looking at the colour of the flank steak. Enjoy it with or without the savoury sauce. It has everything we need, I could literally eat this every day. 

Duck Confit with Linguine Pasta

This is our first time trying duck confit at Cedele and I guess we have fell in love already. Absolutely love the crispy skin, while the meat was super juicy and moist. The size was just right having it with any base. 

Duck Confit with Truffle Egg on Celeriac Mash

The most surprising dish because of the celeriac mash. It has been a long time since my last time having in the UK. It could make such a nice autumn or winter dish. The celeriac mash delivered a refreshing and slightly sweet taste. Its light flavour made such a good match with the savory duck confit. 

Duck Confit with Truffle Egg on Fresh Waffle ($150)

One of the most popular dishes at Cedele. The freshly made waffle was a semi-soft type, which I think is a smart choice because the duck was comparatively dry and it wouldn’t go well with another hard and crispy waffle. Another highlight of the dish is the sauce that goes with it. The sweet compote was our favourite to go with the savoury duck. Could you imagine they could actually go well with each other? And indeed, any food porn would love a nice round runny egg yolk. 


Left: Apple, Beetroot & Ginger (ABG) ($38) – very gingery and spicy to your throat, a strong drink to fight against cold

Right: Vanilla Hazelnut Milkshake ($40) – what’s not to love from this naughty milkshake using all healthy ingredients? 

As one of the many restaurants in Festival Walk Food Street, Cedele is now serving alcohol, not just any booze but the good organic drinks. 

Black Isle from Scotland

Organic Blonde Goldeneye Pale Ale full of grapefruit and toffee. It is believed that one beer a day, keeps the doctors a way. Organic beer is full of enzyme which should be good for our bodies, isn’t it? 

Chocolate truffle cake ($45) 

This is an egg-less cake yet also a super dense cake made with high quality chocolate. Love how they managed to maintain its smoothness and taste without eggs. 

Mango and Osmanthus Cake ($40) 

A newly created cake from the restaurant and it is definitely a good add. It was surprisingly mango-ey and light in texture. Probably a good guilt-free dessert to pamper yourself. 

Pandan coconut cake ($40) 

A staple cake made from pandan. We kind of regret we didn’t order this last time because it was super good. This is our first time having a real dense cake with strong pandan taste. Instead of using fake artificial, the restaurant of course had to use their real imported good ones from Singapore. 

Dairy-Free Coconut Ice-Cream

To suit customers with any diet choice, dairy-free coconut ice cream is also available at the shop for dairy allergic customers to satisfy their sweet tooth. 


As always, Cedele offers a wide variety of baking goods, this time, we have chosen a savory cheese scone and a sweet pistachio cake brownie. We love their generous portion size for this affordable price. 

p.s. the scone was best to enjoy after reheating and Cedele would be more than happy to reheat for you upon request

Cedele (Causeway Bay)
Enquiry: +852 2110 0490

Shop C, G/F, Fashion Walk, Great George Street, Causeway Bay

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