119 Plus – Fun and Cheesy Korean Meal

119 Plus in Sheung Wan is a newly opened branch, after its first success in Yueng Tong. Why is it called 119? 119 is actually the emergency number in Korea therefore the interior design is themed with fire station elements including road signs, helicopters, etc. 

While we were waiting for the food to come, we found that there is a small pack of snack imported directly from Korea. We were told that it is a traditional Korean childhood snacks complimentary for all customers. 

Hammer Seafood Risotto ($138)

119 Hammer dishes are one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant. It was absolute fun to crack the pastry open. It was actually a lot thicker and harder then we thought. We definitely need more practice to crack better. 

The risotto was creamy and a bit cheesy. There were full of calamari rings, prawns, mussels, and scallops. The rich and heaviness from the risotto went very well after mixing with some crunchy pastry pieces. Size was really generous too, it can be able to feed 4 to 6 people easily. 

Shovel BBQ Pork Ribs with Cheese ($148)

A hype dish from Korea and it is also one of the staple dish in the restaurant. 

The service was really thoughtful as they offered to separate each bone after we “feed the camera” nicely. 

The staff also made sure that each piece of the ribs are wrapped in a blanket of melted chewy gooey cheese. 

Cold Ramen ($68)

If you are looking for something lighter or a cold dish for the hot and long summer. You may try the classic Korean Cold Ramen, while the spicy version is a dry noodle. 

The texture of this noodle is a lot chewier and they are sticking to each other. We particularly liked how to prepare the big chunks of ice soaking in the rich broth. 

Tomato & Goose Liver ($128)

An interesting dish sandwiching two big pieces of foie gras in between some really sweet, fresh, and lightly soured tomatoes. 

Tuna Avocado Tataki ($88)

A slightly spicy tuna tartar with ripe and creamy avocado at the bottom. The tuna tartar was seasoned with sesame seed oil and it was really appetising when having it with the savoury red sauce on the side. 


Hatai Rita (Orange, Grape, Pineapple) ($38) 
It’s already fun looking at it but it also tasted really good with fruitiness and sparkles. It was such a value for this giant class of drink at this price! 

Address: Unit 201, 2/F, Lower Block Grand Millennium Plaza, 181 Queen’s Road, Sheung Wan (Right above Gaia)
Tel: +852 3461 9119

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