Chivas Regal Launches The Venture II

Chivas Regal has launched The Venture II, a global search for social entrepreneurs whose businesses and ideas use enterprise and innovation to inspire positive social change.

The program was first launched in 2014 and propelled Diamond Cab to final in San Francisco in USA. This year, a series of inspiring events will be hosted to select the finalist to represent Hong Kong’s best social enterprises globally.

The Ventre II is an initiative with an international focus on providing aspiring social entrepreneurs with US$1m of financial assistance, global exposure for their company or idea, and support from world-famous business mentors. The company will also provide mentorship and financial backing to those who aim to succeed in business. 

The registration is open to the public and not limited to those who own a company. The participants without a company can also pitch their idea by submitting a video (max 2 min) or a presentation deck introducing the business and describing how the business works. The business must aim to affect positive social change, such as a tangible contribution to the betterment of others, or our environment. 

You may register by completing the form at www.TheVenture.comAll applications must be submitted by November 20, 2015 (Friday)

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