The Cabin – Kids Friendly Restaurant with British Food

The Cabin is a cozy little restaurant located in the city centre of Sai Kung. It is run by a couple who also owns a playground featuring sailor theme next door, while the restaurant is inspired by sailor’s cabin.

Therefore, kids are more than welcome to come for a meal and they are free to go across to the playground for some games or lessons when they feel bored. 


Soup of the day

Today we had grilled red pepper soup. The chef grilled the red pepper prior to sweeten and caramelise the taste. The soup was thick and healthy as lots of veggies were used and freshly blended. 

Prawn Cocktail

Some fresh prawns and veggies smeared in cocktail sauce. Always a good combination yet we wish we could have some lemon wedges too. 

Apart from the dinner menu, British menu in fact attracted us the most. As the husband of the couple lived in the UK before, therefore, he would like to introduce some traditional hearty British dishes to Hong Kong. 


Lancashire Lamb Hotpot $238

Succulent lamb braised in rich gravy topped with crispy sliced roast potatoes. Having lived in the UK for a while, there is a certain taste to British gravy and I think The Cabin nailed it. The dish went really well with the imported Spanish Estrella beer specially served in a wine glass. 

It really pulled out my memories when I had to eat pies full of gravy every day. Indeed, this is a much tastier and fancier version especially with the crisps on top. And we also liked how they put fresh and sweet veggies in season on the side. 

Roasted Belly of Pork served with Apple Sauce $268

We really enjoyed this dish especially the crispiness from skin. The savory and meaty pork went perfectly well with the mixed grilled veggie and sweet apple sauce at the bottom. 


Waffle with Mango Ice Cream

All ice cream was housemade and we have interesting chosen the mango flavour. By the way, the flavour changes every time so you will be surprised! Meanwhile the waffle was lightly crispy and thick in size. This is the dessert you would choose to pamper yourself. 

Apple Crumble with Custard

The traditional way to enjoy apple crumble is with custard therefore the restaurant has made their own custard to match with the classic and typical apple crumble. 

p.s. if you want ice cream instead, you may still try to request for it

We were really impressed with the taste of their British dishes, we can’t wait to come back for more. Besides, we found that afternoon tea is also available so maybe it is a good excuse for us to come again! 

Address: G/F, 183 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung
Tel: +852 2412 3183

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