S.Pellegrino x Vogue Italia Launches Limited Edition Bottle

Sanpellegrino has launched a new limited edition bottle in 2015, in partnership with Vogue Italia as part of its global initiative “Talents and Food”, supporting talented young chefs and designers. 

The annual global initiative saw twenty young chefs and twenty young designers around the world competing in a global challenge combining taste, art and fashion. 

To embrace the theme of the campaign, a cocktail event was hosted for guests to enjoy a night where fine food and style, with cocktails infused with Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages and suitably Italian canapés. 

Guests sipped on exclusive cocktails expertly mixed by MO Bar’s Head Bartender Jigmee and crafted with Sanpellegrino’s fruit beverages, and enjoyed delicate canapés inspired by cuisine trends from Italy and designed by two Michelin-star chef Richard Ekkebus.

In a stunning fashion presentation, models styled by stylist RJM Style donned looks featuring abstract prints, structural detailing, unstructured suits and knockout glamour. All outfits and accessories showcased came from Italian fashion powerhouses including Pucci and Versace, highlighting iconic Italian style throughout the decades.

Visit www.finedininglovers.com for more information, an online magazine for food enthusiasts by S.Pellagrino and Acqua Panna.

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