2015 Rosenthal Collection & Versace Frames

Rosenthal Geometrica Turn

The heavy, sensuous vases and dishes made from high-quality, pressed lead glass ground by hand using a diamond wheel add elegant highlights in terms of both function and decoration and make an impression. Round or star-shaped vases and dishes in various at tractive sizes offer a wide range of decorative gift items and lifestyle accessories.

Rosenthal Tutenvasen Coloured Bag Vases

The 1997 Paper Bag Vases that Tapio Wirkkala created for Rosenthal are among Wirkkala’s most popular designs. The vases, which were originally available in brown and white, imitate the structure and feel of a paper bag and replicate these details in porcelain. To mark his birthday, the iconic vases made using coloured porcelain paste are now available in trendy mint, peach, macaroon and dove in two heights:10am and 18cm.

Versace Frames

A limited collection of gold and silver picture frames enriches the variety of the gift selection. Clear geometric shapes are adorned with the iconic motifs of Versace, such as the Greek key and the Medusa head introducing coloured metals in blue.

– Shop 109 & 112, Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central               Tel: 2521 8626
– 7/F, Sogo Department Store, Causeway Bay                                               Tel: 2893 0703
– Shop 3325, The Gateway, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui                                Tel: 2735 0579

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  1. Rosenthal tends to launch miniature/recreated vases at every celebratable moment. This time, they recolor. Colors added a warm human touch to this Nordic design originally appeared in white.

    Like the way they're being paired up with with the real thing in the photo shoot.

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