Check-In Taipei – Taiwanese Flavour with a Twist

Check-In Taipei is a restaurant that we often passed by, located next to the Central escalator on Hollywood Road which could save your walk. There is also whole day Taiwanese bubble tea take away services available, pricing at a very affordable price from under $20. 


Ping Pong

Soft purple yam shell with sticky rice cake filling topped with Parmesan cheese, quite chewy to bite into, light in flavour though dense in texture. Really interesting combination thus it became one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant. 

Crispy Pork Knuckle

Asia inspired cooked pork sitting on a round crispy toast. The pork was marinated with housemade soy sauce, forming almost jelly-like from its collagen and sauce, reminded us a lot from the Chinese traditional cooking style.

Chicken Waffle

Taiwanese style salty crispy chicken marinated in five-spice, garlic, ginger and sweet basil, along with homemade crispy and fluffy waffle, pineapple chutney and balsamic maple syrup. The chicken tasted really authentic and the saltiness could really balance well with the sour fruity chutney sitting in between. We are missing Taiwan already! 

Hot Dishes

Left: House Calamari – fresh calamari which was soft and tearable, it was seasoned nicely with the fried garlic and chili

Centre: Sweet & Sour Fish – crispy and sticky on the outside, a classic dish to enjoy with some pine nuts on top, we commend you to have this the last among three hot bites because of its overpowering taste to other two

Right: Pork Belly & Puree – super tender and soft, while super flavourful after being braised for a long time, sitting on a bed of mayo blended puree

Main Course

Pork Belly Risotto

Highlight, the restaurant uses a hint of Chinese fermented tofu (Chinese cheese) to cook this risotto, the taste of the Chinese cheese was very subtle so do not worry much. 

The creamy al dente rice was cooked just perfectly. This small pot of goodness went even better with the crispy crunchy deep fried pork jelly on top. 

Ma-Po Tofu Noodle

Not noodle, but pasta. Yes, that was fettuccine pasta, cooked with one of the traditional Chinese dish, ma-po tofu. The spiciness and the soft texture could really match perfectly with each other. 

The sizzling hot “Noodle” was quite filling. It was best to enjoy it quick before the al-dente pasta became softened after staying in the heated pot for too long. 


Creme Brulee

Honestly, we have had other creme brulee after this one at Check-in Taipei but this one is by far one of the best creme brulee among our restaurant reviews by hkblogger (whispering…..)

The sugar sheet on top was crispy and thin enough to be cracked. The creme brulee was creamy with egg flavour. 

Oreo Serradura

I have tried serradura but not with oreo. It could really be a good and fun dessert for kids. The almost never failing combination tasted good without the choking hazard from the biscuit dust. 

The portion was quite generous with two layers of both oreo crumbles and thickened cream.


Check-in Taipei offers 24-hour Happy Hour Buy-One-Get-One-Free drinks offering a wide range of unique cocktails, wine and spirits. There is no harm to walk a few more steps from LKF for some fine drinks, or bites. 

101 Fireworks

A flaming strong drink made from high mountain tea liqueur, absinth, high mountain tea, blue curacao, orange juice. You may share with your friends and you may drink the tea from the bigger glass afterward. (Pineapple is meant to be eaten also!)

Mochi Yaki

A Japanese inspired drink made from Rum, hakka lei-cha, oolong tea, fragelico hazelnut, cream, honey, peanut. The tea was rich and thick, you may even drink it with a spoon. The mochi with honey made such a good complement to the foamy milky tea. 

The best way to enjoy this drink is to take a bite of the sweet mochi and then take a sip of the drink.

An Ping Tofu

A bowl of homemade tofu topped with red bean, peanut, sitting in soy bean milk and baileys cream. There is also a small glass of mixed high mountain tea liqueur and pouchong tea. Again, the best way to enjoy this drink is to take a bite of the soft silky tofu, then take a sip of strong tea. 

Drunken Bubble Tea

A classic Taiwanese drink with a twist. It is made from early grey tea infused vodka, baileys, tapioa and natural cinnamon. The cinnamon was burned when served and it is best to soak the burning stick in the drink to release even more flavour. 

The special set menu contains a started plate, and 2 off salads, hot dishes, main courses, desserts, and drinks of your choice, pricing at $788 for 2 persons plus 10%.

Address: G/F, 27 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2351 2622

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