Green Monday x Create Your Taste Vegetarian Burger

Green Monday has collaborated with McDonald’s to launch two new vegetarian ingredients, roasted sweet potato from USA and grilled asparagus from Peru, in their Create Your Taste tailored made burger menu, offering more options for vegetarians or any customers to enjoy a satisfying healthy burger in the world’s biggest fast food chain. 

Health Benefits

Sweet Potato is a good source of complex carbohydrate which is a slow release energy to fuel your body throughout the day, while sweet potato and asparagus are both high in anti-oxidant that promotes better health and prevents numerous diseases in various ways.

All ingredients are fresh and only prepared upon purchase. The chopped asparagus and diced sweet potatoes offer a sweeter taste and creamier texture to your burger. If you wish to cut carbs further, you may change the bun to just lettuce wraps to create a “naked burger”. How about the fries? Do not worry, McDonald’s only uses vegetable oil to cook their crispy fries and wedges. 

Burgers are no longer only meaty and fatty anymore, instead, we can now have a much healthier and greener burger that is better for yourself and our lovely earth. 

Where to Green your McD?

The two ingredients are going to roll out on 30th Sept, 2015 in all three Create Your Taste branches, including the Leighton Road in Causeway Bay, Festival Walk, as well as Tsim Sha Tsui Star House branch which is newly renovated with additional “CYT” machines, skillful burger assemblers and ingredients, for better customer experiences. 

The first 300 customers of the day who created their own burger may receive a complimentary customised tote bag based on your order, after taking a photo of your burger and upload it on your Instagram or Facebook with #CREATEYOURTASTEHK

Tote Bag Redemption Booth
Address: Shop B6, basement of Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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