VASCO Launches 8-Course Chef Tasting Menu

Chef de Cuisine Gabriele Milani and Executive Chef Paolo Casagrande

Vasco has launched a revamped 8-course Chef Tasting Menu by Executive Chef Paolo Casagrande for the first time, bringing Hong Kong diners the new flavors of contemporary of Basque cuisine.

The new 8-course Chef Tasting Menu features Paolo’s creative dishes and the signature highlights with the best seasonal produces showcase the marriage of distinct flavours with art-inspired presentation, providing you a unique visual and culinary sensation. 

The new Chef Tasting Menu at Vasco is available now and is priced at HK$1,280 per person, with additional wine pairing packages available at HK$980 for 10 glasses or the premier wine package at HK$1,280 for 7 glasses.

Wagyu Bavette with Ceps Cream, Smoked Cheese  Bon Bon and Extract of Rocket
Vizcaina Baccala with Crunchy Seaweed Rock and Tripe
Basil cremoso with passion fruit frozen mandarin and green tea
Raw fennel on a Creamy Carabinero with Spicy Touches of Celery and Green Apple


Amuse bouches

Raw tuna with chilled strawberry and tomato soup, pear sorbet and buffalo mozzarella

Additional Sturia French caviar (supplement HK$190)

The combination of fruitiness from pear sorbet and strawberry chilled soup, richness of buffalo mozzarella and the umami of raw tuna makes for a delightful appetizer to start off the meal

Vizcaina Baccala with crunchy seaweed rock and tripe

Cod fish from Northern Spain is marinated with salt and slow cooked to bring a savoury flavor like Bacalhau yet with a creamy texture; while the delicate fish tripe, crispy seaweed rock and the sweet tomato and capsicum sauce underneath bring a contrasting flavor and texture to the cod

Raw fennel on a creamy,with spicy touches of celery and green apple

Red prawn is slow-cooked to retain its tender texture while its umami is amplified by the tomato-based seafood cream, and the extra spiciness from the green apple and celery foam

Farmhouse egg with toasted butter foam, duck consommé infused with citronelle

Savor the clear duck stock infused with citronella that intertwines with a burst of flavor and cured Iberico pork loin from the warm runny yolk and cured Iberico pork loin

Grilled wild turbot with sautéed seafood and green curry

Accompanied with calamari and ark shell, the grilled wild turbot with a crisp golden crust and delicate flesh are spiced up by the addition of squid ink and pungent green curry sauce on the side

Wagyu bavette with ceps cream, smoked cheese bon bon and extract of rocket

The uniquely juicy Australian wagyu bavette with rich meaty flavor is served with smoked cheese bonbon and potato-cheese roll, while refreshing elements from the ceps and rocket puree help balance out the strong flavors

Basil cremoso with passion fruit, frozen mandarin and green tea

Mandarin and passionfruit sorbet is served with a light, creamy basil mousse, lime jelly, and the green tea and pistachio sponge cake which contributed a refreshing note and diverse texture

Cocoa sorbet, sesame whipped cream, yogurt and yuzu

The richness of cocoa sorbet and black sesame cream is balanced by a refreshing touch from yuzu shaved ice, yogurt cream and yogurt sponge cake

Petit Four

8-course at HK$ 1,280 per Person
10% service charge applies

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