Jacques Lemans Timepieces are Available in Hong Kong

Jacques Lemans is an Austria watch brand founded by Hollywood superstar Kevin Costner. It is one of the biggest watch producing companies in the world, with over 850 different models to suit your style and taste. Currently, a famous movie star in Hong Kong, Benjamin Yuen, is the official product endorser of the timepiece. 

Meanwhile, a well respected Olympic gold medalist ski racer from Austria, Anna Fenninger, is another product endorser to represent more of the brand’s European image. 

Although most of the watches from Jacques Lemans are priced mid-range, the material and quality are up to the standard. For example, all the sparkling crystals are from Swarovski, while leather band, anti-sensitive rubber band and stainless steel band are also available depending on the model of the watch. 

Jacques Lemans watches are very versatile as there are so many different designs and functions. You may wear them in formal occasions, sports events, work meetings, a date, casualties, weekend trips, etc. 

When importing the brand from Austria to Asian countries, there was a touching yet sad love story happened in Vienna, you may have a chance to hear about the story because Jacques Lemans has now finally landed here offering all watches available in the market for you to choose. 

The price range of the watches are approximately HKD $3,000 – $4,000, including 2 years warranty in Hong Kong. 

You may contact below phone number for any inquiries or placing orders.

Tel: +852 2180 7967

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