Beer & Fish – The Perfect Marriage in Southern Style

Beer & Fish is a newly opened restaurant located next to PMQ on Staunton Street, specialising in craft beer and southern American cuisine.

There is a wide range of bottled beer and craft beer collections for you to choose. The choices vary sometimes depending on the season and supply. We were recommended to try a few of their on tap craft beer as well as some crispy goodness.

Hitachino Nest White Ale ($65)

The first beer we tried was a pale ale from Japan and it was light in taste with a bit of floral flavour. Nothing beats a good cold beer during this long steaming summer. The tap is custom made so that the amount of foam can be adjusted to suit the nature of different beer. 

Young Master ($60)

A renowned local brew beer brand. The taste of this ale was stronger than the previous one and it gave a honey note with a strong wheat and barley flavour. 

Paradox Heaven Hill ($198)

This Scottish imperial stout is very unique with a very high alcohol percentage of 15%, its taste is delivered beautifully. Can you believe it even comes with a box?

Beer Battered Fish and Fries (Full size 8oz $128)

Fish and Chips is their signature dish using light qualiy craft beer batter. You may choose between Wit, Amber Ale, or Stout flavours. Wit contains a bittersweet aftertaste, Amber Ale is a bit floral, while Stout delivers a subtle smoky flavour. The fish is Atlantic Code served on a side of tripled fried hand-cut chunky fries. 

You may choose between 6 housemade sauces and they are citrus mint aiolo, B&F tartar, smoky chipotle remoulade, triple honey mustard, mayo, and ketchup (not in pic). The most popular one would be the smoky chipotle and we actually want to come back for more just because of the sauces!

Beer Battered Oysters Po-Boy ($95)

uses giant juicy and fresh Hiroshima oysters dipped in chili amber batter, served with coleslaw and smoky chipotle remoulade, on sour dough baguette. You may also add $20 for some chunky fries! The chef recommend you to consume it within 10 mins to keep the maximum flavour and freshness from the oysters.

Crab Ceggs & Gravy (Full size $138)

The housemade crab ceggs sit on a bed of high quality sourdough brioche made from Bread Elements, topped with runny poached egg and bacon gravy. The soft texture from the eggs and crab ceggs interestingly make a good marriage with the chewy and buttery bread at the bottom. 

Nutella Banana Hand-blended Milk Shakes ($68)

The super thick and rich milk shake uses 4 scopes of vanilla ice-cream, a large banana, a handful of oreo cookies, some spoonful of lovely nutella, and topped with some fresh whipped cream. 

Beer & Fish does recommend you to take-away your beer. There is a special take-away system. If you purchase a to-go, containers are going to be provided with a deposit for you to come back for more with a discount price. You may also return the bottle to the shop and get your deposit back. There are only 400ml mason jar and 2 liters keg available at the moment. We figured that you it’s always a better value for you to take-away as you may enjoy the discount all the time! 

Address: 67 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2540 0888

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