Shelter Lounge Launches Customised Seafood Platter Special

Shelter Lounge is a two-storey restaurant serving tasty and affordable western cuisine in comfortable atmosphere. The restaurant is located just 5 mins walk from Sai Ying Pun MTR station, or 5 mins walk away from The Space in Sheung Wan.  

There are both indoor and outdoor dining area with custom-made furniture shipped from overseas, and we particularly liked the heavy block of wooded table in the outdoor area. The manager has revealed that there are no screws needed because the wood itself is already heavy enough to be static. 

Once we stepped inside, we were already attracted by the eye catching seafood bar at the entrance area. For the whole September every Thur, Friday, and Saturday, customer may customise their choice of seafood platter using gram or number of pieces as measurement. Standard seafood platter is also available at $598 for large and $398 for small. 

Oyster Take Away is another highlight of the restaurant.  Seven kinds of fresh oysters are for you to bring home for just $40 a piece. Why not enjoy some quality time staying in? 

We have picked a few of our favourite oysters to celebrate the TGIF. We were absolutely delighted with it because it was fresh, rich, creamy, salty, bouncy, meaty, everything we have in one bite. We wanted for more but we better save our stomach for other dishes. 

Aside from oysters, you may also choose a whole piece of Boston lobster for only $238 each, fresh sea urchin, edible crab, different kinds of prawns and all kinds of shellfish. 

The restaurant has finely selected a few scrumptious prawns including scampi, spot prawn and pink prawn. The availability of the seafood are based on in-season therefore choices are subject to change.

Kale Caesar Salad with 63 Degree Egg ($98)

Kale is one of the hype superfood and we are all crazy about it. It is the most nutritious food on the planet! The restaurant source the in-season kale from overseas and serve it raw to keep all its nutritional value. The salad is topped with 63 degree slow cooked egg, crispy bacon, crispy bread, parmesan cheese and dressed with standard caesar dressing. 

There are also two brand new special drink to detoxify your body with the high-fiber sources in the hot weather. 

Green Peace  ($48)

The blended strawberry. banana, kale drink without any preservatives nor sugar. Each mouthful is full of fresh and nutritious kale. Don’t you already feel healthier by looking at it? 

Purple Rain ($48)

The blended mixture of blueberry, tomato, yogurt, milk, honey tasted like sugarless tomato milkshake dessert to me. It has a subtle fresh tomato taste to it but without the pulps. The texture was thick but not too thick to suck from a narrow straw. It’s interested because it kind of reminded us of margarita pizza. 

Shelter Spritzer ($46)

A refreshing drink that is perfect for summer. The drink is made out of honey, lemon juice, orange juice, soda water. What’s not to like about it? 

Grilled Angus Hanger Steak ($268)

Hanger steak has become more popular nowadays. The cut was underrated for a long time and it is time for it to shine. The steak was served with green pepper, red curry, and tarragon Dijon mustard, and of course some nice coarse sea salt on the side. 

The medium-rare meat was cooked perfectly to our liking. It was juicy and pink inside and char outside. The meaty flavour would not be too overpowering and it just went right with our fizzy Shelter Spritzer! 

Miso Salmon ($148)

Unexpectedly delicious! We thought it was going to be another piece of normal salmon, but it was not! The fish was marinated with three types of miso sauce for overnight then grilled until slightly char on the edge but moist and soft inside. The fish sat on a bed of wasabi mash and garnished with Japanese pickle and ginger root. 

Cheese Platter (3 pcs for $185 or 5 pcs for $290)

To finish off the meal, if you are not in the mood for dessert, cheese platter might be a good choice! Complimentary quince paste would also be provided for you to clean your palette in between different cheeses. 

Each piece of cheese is around 40g, and we have chosen stilton, smoked chedder, and appenzeller. The cheeses are imported with limited amount, therefore the choices may vary from time to time. 

Address: universal building, 5-13 New Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 2517 6211

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