Sole Mio – Pampering Weekend Brunch Buffet

After the dinner visit last time, we come back for more for Sole Mio‘s very scrumptious weekend brunch to indulge ourselves in cold cuts, grilled veggies, salads, fresh seafood and much.

For only $168 per person you may enjoy antipasti buffet with a choice of your main course and a delicious serving of tiramisu or tea/coffee. You may also pamper yourself with free flow prosecco for an extra $98 per person. The valuable offer is available every weekend from 11am to 3pm. 

Cold Cuts: assorted hams, smoked salmon, octopus, assorted green salad, caprese, olive angel hair, grilled veggie

Bread: squid ink bread rolls, and other types of bread 

Condiments and sauces: olive oil vinaigrette, black olive paste, shallot vinegar, bacon bits, shredded carrots, olives, crotons

Seafood: big prawns, long crab legs, mussels

We had tried all types of seafood and they are fresh with a slight seawater taste. We particularly liked the big prawns because they were very meaty and they are all very bouncy which means fresh. By adding lemon juice, we could taste the freshness even better!

Moving to the cold cuts and salad section, we basically just mixed up everything on a plate. The assorted ham was nice especially the parma. We like to complement the salty ham with some fresh and crunchy green salad to make a better balanced combination. 

We liked the smoked salmon and octopus the most because they we could tell they were nicely selected and we could just refill our plates with them again and again!

p.s. they use high quality mini mozzarella balls instead of big slices

Among five main courses to choose, we have decided to go for something with less carb since we were already half full up, but we are definitely going to try their pasta, pizza or spring chicken next time!

Australian Rib Eye Steak with Balsamic Gravy

We had it medium-rare and it was perfectly cooked to our liking. The meat was tender and juicy. The strong meaty flavour was lightened a little bit with the slightly sour balsamic gravy. Not to forget that the new potatoes were actually very tasty too!

Grilled Salmon Fillet with Fennel Puree

To us, salmon is one of the best fish to be eaten, in terms of nutrition value. The fillet was gilled until crispy on the outside, and soft and moist inside. Salmon meat is usually a bit fishy, therefore the pesto and the fennel puree could actually neutralise the taste a little bit, leaving just the freshness from the fish itself. 

The meal ends perfectly with a slice of authentic tiramisu that we always love, and a nice cup of Italian cappuccino.

The casual yet friendly atmosphere makes for a perfect date night with your love one or friends and families. A definite must visit for a cozy dining experience in SOHO area in Central. 
Taste: 8/10
Price: 9.5/10
Environment: 9/10
Service: 9/10

Sole Mio
Address: Upper Ground Floor, 51 Elgin Street, Soho, Central
Tel: +852 2530 0422

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