Food Review: SKY726 – Kowloon Soho

SKY726 is a newly opened fine dining restaurant featuring French cuisine, located on the top floor of 726 Nathan Road Building. The concept of the restaurant is to bring Soho’s high quality dining experience to the Mongkok side, with a twist of casual professionalism. 

SKY726 Team
The team is taking the bar seriously to please their customers. SKY726 only serves fresh craft beers, along with a wide range of spirits, cocktails, mocktails, and more. To maintain the originality and freshness, they use homemade infused syrup, high quality liquor, and of course an experienced bartender.

All the paintings on the wall are hand-painting for hours from a famous artist. We particularly liked the paintings at the entrance and the washrooms. 

The skyline view from SKY726 is just breath-taking. Over-viewing Mong Kok from this angle, we found how much we are yet to explore in Mong Kok. If you come at the right time, you may even enjoy the beautiful sunset in Hong Kong. 

If you are waiting for a friend for dinner, you can kill some time with pre-dinner drinks, or just come up for enjoying some nice drinks to ease your thirst. 

Paulo QuejanoBar Supervisor, has a lot of experience from working in the buzzing LKF. He takes all details into consideration. He would come to our tables and ask for our drink of preferences, or give recommendations based on the taste of your food orders. 

Left: Lemon and Thyme House Infused  Gin & Tonic ($80) – House infused Thyme , Lime & Lemon peel, Hayman’s London Dry Gin, fresh Lemon juice topped with Fentiman’s Tonic water and dash of Lemon Bitters. It was refreshing and appetitising from the lemon juice and thyme fragrance. The large pieces of ice cubes kept the drink chilled thoroughly.  

Right: Black & Stormy ($88) – House infused Spice Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, freshly squeezed Lime juice, Ginger syrup, Ginger Beer. A very sharp and spicy drink that gives you a big kick in the mouth. The aftertaste leaves your tongue a hint of spiciness for you to prepare for your meal. 

Moving to the food, the restaurant has Chef Vito Chan as their Chef de Cuisine. Chef Vito had worked in famous French restaurants with renowned chefs after graduated from Chinese Cuisine Training Institute. He is skilled in slow-cooing method (la cuisine sous vide) using ingredients sourced from around the world. 
Caramel Sous Vide Foie Gras with Beetroot Jelly ($158)

The first dish had already impressed us a lot. This dish uses red and green apple puree at the top of the foie gras with a sheet Vanilla caramel on top to neutralise the natural greasiness from the very smooth foie gras. Enjoy it along with the bottom crispy and beetroot jelly, giving us a perfect sweet and savoury start for the meal.

Sauteed Tiger Prawns with Confit Garlic ($178)

First of all, it is a must to have fresh seafood for any seafood dish, and SKY726 nailed it. The tiger prawns were tender and bouncy. The cut opened prawns were cooked with flavourful Garlic Oil and Confit Garlic, along with thin slices of fried garlic. We were not worried about the clumsy de-shelling process because it was just effortless for fresh prawns. 


Chilled Watermelon Gazpacho ($70)

We had never had gazpacho with watermelon. It was surprisingly light and refreshing. In terms of flavour, it was a lot more complex with lemon and ginger juice, topped with pesto oil and mint leaf. A perfect to hydrate your body in a hot summer day. 

Cream of Wild Mushroom & Black Truffle ($85)

SKY726 has made the classic mushroom soup exquisite. The soup was made with five different types of mushrooms including the very flavourful and luxury oyster mushrooms and penny buns. Porcini powder was also added into the soup. Topped with a bit of cream foam. It was rich but too rich that filled you up quickly. Each spoonful was packed with strong mushroom flavour and the truffle taste particularly stood out! So yummy! 

Main Courses

Roasted 16hrs Slow cooked spicy Spare Ribs ($198)

La cuisine sous vide cooking is one of the signature cooking method from SKY726. Their spare ribs had been marinated for 24 hours, then sous-vide for 16 hours. The meat and fat ratio was just right to create the perfect tenderness. It took us no effort to cut the ribs because it was super soft, moist, tender, juicy, and packed with flavours. 

For sous-vide cooking, it is really important to control the temperature just right. It must stay in the same temperature to create perfection, therefore the restaurant had invested and put a lot of effort in their kitchen equipment to bring us happiness on the table. 

Miso Salmon with Eggplant in Dashi ($186)

Salmon was just slightly cooked outside and slightly raw inside. The dashi soup was cooked with Konbu for 20 minutes. What’s hidden underneath? They were Japanese eggplants, which made the clear soup quite sweet because it enhances the savoury dashi with its sweetness.

We really liked this dish because not only you can enjoy the really good quality of omega-3 packed salmon but also enjoy the dashi soup with a bit of chopped chives. 

Angel Hair with Japanese Clams, Chili & Garlic ($168)

SKY726 uses high quality of raw ingredients and seafood. This dish uses Japanese clams, which is sweeter and fresher than the old ones, yet without the annoying sands in them. The pasta was cooked just right to al dente authentic Italian style. It was one of the best pasta we have had so far. The whole dish is not too heavy and creamy, while the lightly seasoned pasta can actually features the clams flavour even more. We want to come back for more! 


72% Molten Chocolate ($75)

For ladies, it is never a good meal with a good dessert to satisfy our second stomach. This molten cakes melted our hearts with its warm and runny chocolate inside, and the chilled vanilla ice cream on top. It is good that it is not overpoweringly sweet and heavy. Chocolate cocoa percentage with higher than 70% is considered dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is semi-sweet with extra bittersweet taste. It is also considered as one of the health food with high antioxidants, and it can lower the risk of heart disease. 

p.s. it is best to enjoy it quick as the ice cream is going to melt really quickly

Taste: 9.5/10
Price: 9.5/10
Environment: 10/10
Service: 10/10


Address: 25/F, 726 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2390 3889/2390 3088
Fax: +852 2390 3878

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