COEDO Taproom – First COEDO Concept Bar Worldwide

COEDO Taprom is COEDO’s first global own brand based concept bar, after entering the Hong Kong market for three years. The restaurant is located in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, offering homemade Saitama style skewers and a wide variety of unique craft beers direct transfer to Hong Kong. 

COEDO Taproom is the only place in the world where you can enjoy COEDO draft beer, which are 100% brewed by all natural ingredients including malts, hops and finest agricultural crops, without any artificial preservatives and additives. Most importantly, draft beer are always fresher in taste and they can promote more beer head. 

Along with the five most signature COEDO beer, there are seven other draft beers from all over the world, totaling twelve amazing draft beers. Meanwhile, all the COEDO beers can be served in four different sizes, pricing from $24 to $98, or you may try everything with a platter for only $120. If you come during Happy Hour 15:00-19:00, you may enjoy a free COEDO draft up size, or a lower price for any other draft beers on the blackboard. 

Beer Platter for tasting, 5 types in total (150ml/glass) ($120)

Recommended drinking order based on the taste: COEDO Ruri -> COEDO Shiro -> COEDO Kyara -> COEDO Beniaka -> COEDO Shikkoku

Ruri – a crispy and refreshing feel, with a good balance of happy bitterness and a satisfying deep refined flavour

Shiro – this white beer has a sweet, fruity aroma with banana and cloves that come from wheat malts and a specially selected top fermentation yeast

Kyara – with savoury aroma like white grapes or spicy citrus made from selected aroma hops

Beniaka – brewed with roasted Kintoki sweet potatoes from Saitama Japan, giving the aroma of caramel, sweet potato and hops

Shikkoku – a fragrant coffee and chocolate aroma, maybe perfect for ladies or macho men?


COEDO Beer Washed Cheese ($90)

COEDO put the Au Lait Cru cheese into Shiro beer for a week to age, sort of infusing the beer floral flavour into the cheese. It was amazing how well cheese an beer could complement each other so well. 

Rice and Noodles

Chicken Skewer & Minced Chicken Rice with Soft Boiled Egg ($88)

All awesomeness in one bowl. A perfect dish to go down with a couple glasses of fine chilled craft beer, of course, along with some other skewers too! 

Fried Kawagoe Noodle ($82)

Do you know fried noodles are necessary tapas in Japan summer festivals and firework festivals? COEDO Taproom brings us the authentic Kawagoe style or fried noodles. It is also common to use wheat noodles which tasted different from udon, more like soba, while COEDO Taproom actually personally commissioned Noodle Factory to manufacture their tailored made noodle. By cooking with the very traditional sweet sauce (quite similar to those one on Okonomiyaki), it really bring us back good memory of Japan. 


Yuzu Pepper Flavoured Chicken Thigh with Leek ($38) – one of our favourite Kushiyaki because the yuzu pepper sauce kind of lightened the greasiness of the chicken thigh

Pork Short Rib with Mango Salsa ($48) – a very special and refreshing way to enjoy pork short rib, we have never had a sweet and sour pork kushiyaki before and we are craving for more! 

Pork Short Rib ($38) – the most traditional way to enjoy Aomori pork with its own distinctive secret spicy miso recipes. COEDO Taproom used miso, Korean chili sauce, wine, mirin and sesame to marinate their own spicy miso

Lamb Meatballs with Perilla Leaves ($48) – a very middle east influenced skewer with crispy outer layer and soft centre, while the perilla leaves balances out the mutton taste

Zucchini & Feta Cheese Roll with Pork Short Rib ($38) – by stuffing feta cheese, it created a semi-melting effect, it was creamy and sweet at the same time from the fresh zucchini

Grilled Duck with Japanese Pepper Sauce ($48) – the restaurant used bite sized American duck and marinated with homemade Japanese spicy and sour pepper Sansho soy sauce, by leaving the skin on, it promotes a richer flavour and crispier texture

Taste: 8/10
Price: 9/10
Environment: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10

Address: Shop C, G/F, 50-56 Paterson Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2156 3356

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