Food Review: Kamitora Ramen (Wan Chai)

Kamitori Ramen is actually a sister ramen shop of Torihana Tei Ramen shop also in Wan Chai. As we mentioned from previous blog post, Kamitori features only pork ramen, while Torihana Tei serves only chicken ramen with Osaka style.

Torihana Tei Ramen is a franchise of the authentic Japanese ramen shop with another 6 shops in Osaka. 

The pork has been marinated overnight and cooked for 1 hour before they get served in a hot bowl of ramen. 

Chef Kimura Mamoru from Osaka always strive to serve customers with a perfect bowl of hot ramen based on their own preferences on noodle and toppings. 

Kamitora ($83) 

It is the most basic ramen with your choice of noodles’ thickness and hardness. You may also choose the amount of oil, green onion, and black fungus. The ramen is served with a soft-boiled runny egg, green onion, black fungus, and a nice slice of pork collar-butt topped with secret red sauce. 

The soup based is made from pork elbow bone and some body bone. It is less fatty than any other normal ramen shop. After being cooked for 10 hours, the soup is packed with healthy collagen which is good for your skin. 

Their egg is specially sourced from Japan, they keep changing the source from time to time based on the region that is in season. The one I have tried was rich in flavour and perfectly cooked with a runny egg yolk. 

The ramen is with Osaka style with is a bit thinner and with less egg ratio. It is freshly made daily that’s why it was so tender and not sticky. Sometimes it is never worse than having a bowl of overly starchy noodle. 

The char siu was super tender and and soft. It was tender because of the fat, but the long marinate and cooking hours. Complementing with the secret special red sauce on top, I couldn’t help but wanting to order an additional BBQ pork ($29 for 3 pieces) 

To add more different flavour to your ramen, you may add the complimentary and homemade pickled takana, spicy bean shoot, and picked ginger. You may enjoy them separately or simply add them to your ramen broth to add extra taste to it. 

Taste: 8/10
Price: 9/10
Environment: 8/10
Service: 9/10

Kamitora Ramen
23 Amoy Street, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2808 0635

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