GREAT Presents the "UK Food Festival"

GREAT Food Hall in Admiralty is presenting a “UK Food Festival” from 14 August to 3 September, with a wide variety of sweet and savory traditional British food. The Wild Berry Trifle below is also one of the most signature dish in the UK!

The Best in British Pork Pies

Jam is a food the British proudly call their own, and they have dedicated their time and energy in creating hams that move well beyond tarditional strawberry and apricot flavours. 

Eat17 – bacon jam

Eat17 – chorizo jam


All pukka teas are 100% organic, perfect for reliving the street of busy people in Hong Kong, while each blend is full of natural flavour and rich in the incredible benefits of organic herbs. 

Pukka organic tea bags – night time 
Pukka organic tea bags – rela
What’s more? Britain is a fan of sweet. There is a wide variety of eats and treats at Great, including Green & Black’s Thin Bark Chocolate Bars and Haribo Despicable Me Gummy Candy Minions Gummy Sweets. 

Great Food Hall

Unit 009 on Level LG1, The Mall Pacific Place Phase II, Queensway, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2918 9986

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