Greyhound Rolls Out Four Crepe Cakes

Greyhound Café has rolled out 4 kinds of creamy and refreshing crepe cake selections from this summer onward. Each crepe cake is made with 10 perfectly light and thin handmade fresh crepes with velvety cream layered in between. We have felt in love with all of them and we highly recommend you to go out there and try it now. 

Fresh Coconut Crepe Cake ($78)

It is infused with cream and fresh coconut meat imported from Thailand, the chewy texture and the refreshing sensation making this our all-time favourite.

Mixed Berries Crepe Cake ($68)

The wonderful balance of sweet and tart is created in this cake with layers of cream and mixed berries topped with berry sauce. The high quality of berry selection offers a fresh fruity taste to all berry-lovers.

Mango Crepe Cake ($68)

It is best for summer weather while the sweet mangos are imported from Thailand. The mango pieces are generous in amount and the mango sauce complements nicely with the soft and silky cream. 

Chocolate Banana Crepe Cake ($68)

It is layered with banana, custard and fresh cream, topped with chocolate sauce. The classic flavour combination has the perfect match of smooth and delicate flavour.

All crepe cakes are freshly made every day, we are recommended to enjoy the perfection in the restaurant. It is best finished within 20 minutes.

p.s. If you really insist to have it take-away, you may try your luck to purchase the whole cake and bring home before the cake gets melted. Each piece above is 1/8 of the whole cake, so you may do your maths 🙂 

Butterfly Pea & Stevia Tea ($28)

A refreshing herbal tea that freshens you up with anti-stress and antioxidant powers. This is a very special tea with a subtle bittersweet aftertaste is best to enjoy with some complimentary honey.

Iced Lemon Tea (Greyhound Style) $35

A floral-like fragrant iced lemon tea is served with “lemon tea ice cubes” and fresh lime slices to maximise the taste of the tea, making it a perfect drink to increase your appetite during summer time. 

Greyhound Café

IFC Mall – Shop 1082, Podium Level 1, Central
Ocean Terminal – Shop OTG01, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Festival Walk – Shop L2-42, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong



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