Food Review: Torihana Tei Ramen (Wan Chai) – Chicken Soup Ramen

Torihana Tei Ramen is very unique and different from any usual ramen shop in Hong Kong. The ramen shop only features chicken soup base ramen with chicken char siu on top. 

No.1 Premium Chicken Ramen ($88)

Firstly, the concentrate soup is not oily which is perfect for ladies. It is made with chicken bone which is packed with healthy collagen. It is believed that collagen can make our skin brighter and whiter! The soup need to be cooked for 12 hours with 6 hours each session in 2 days. Most of the people would drink all the soup because it is really good for you with high protein with the function of easing digestion. 

Their handmade fresh ramen is tender and full of texture, you may also choose the thickness to your liking. We had tried the thin ramen first and it was absolutely slurpable.

The chicken char siu is made with two tender chicken thighs. They are slow cooked for hours after being marinated with soya, Japanese sake, vinegar, sugar, and more. 

All the ingredients are hand picked to maintain the high quality especially the selected eggs important from Aomori, Japan. We are big fans of eggs and we were almost in love with this runny egg yolk! ❤

Before a hot bowl of ramen is served, the chicken soup has to be blended to make it creamier and stickier because of the high content of collagen. The bowl is also topped with fried fresh lotus root, asparagus, and red onion. 

Chicken Raman with Seafood Flavour ($82)

The chicken and seafood soup based ramen are made with the same chicken soup base with additional fish and scallop dried powder. Therefore, the taste is a little more complex with an extra seafood flavour into it. This bowl has the same toppings with diced red onions to kill to mild fishy taste. 

For this bowl of ramen, we have chosen medium thickness. It was a bit more tender and bouncy, while the taste did not make a big difference. 

p.s. if you order the spicy version of the ramen, the restaurant also uses the same soup base with extra special chili paste to give it an extra kick! 

We had tried two side dishes and they were all homemade. The pickled takana ($5) are marinated with special ingredient which makes it slightly spicy yet refreshing enough to clean our palette. Meanwhile, the bean shoot (complimentary) was also home marinated. They were both pretty strong in flavour and you may choose to add them into the broth or just enjoy them straight up! 

Fried Chicken ($42)

If you would like something more meaty, we highly recommend you to try their newly launched fried chicken. The portion size is generous and they were super juicy and crispy! With the complement of the lemon juicy, we can say they were one of the best deep fried chicken we have ever had. 

p.s. Kimitora Ramen shop in Amoy Street, Wan Chai is their brother branch featuring pork base soup. Do give it a go if  you are a pork lover! ❤

In conclusion, as a female, I really liked the collagen packed soup. I already felt a lot prettier with smoother skin after drinking the soup. One of our editors kept asking to go back there again! lol And yes, we will be back!

Taste: 8/10
Price: 9/10
Environment: 7.5/10
Service: 9/10

Torihana Tei Ramen
22-30 Cross Lane, Wah Ta Building, Wan Chai
Tel: 2366 1332

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