The Langham Welcomes Pedro Samper and Launches Savoury Afternoon Tea

The Langham, Hong Kong welcomes Pedro Samper as their new Executive Chef, handling all western restaurants, including Palm Court, Artesian, The Bostonian, Main St. Deli, and The Food Gallery. The hotel has also launched two afternoon tea set, a sweet one and a savoury one. We were lucky enough to try the latter one, while they are both in traditional British high tea style, featuring a floor-to-table tea stand BY the table, instead of ON the table. 

What’s not to be missed during an afternoon tea? A nice cup of tea! We have chosen The Langham Blend and the Palm Court Exotic Blend, The Langham Blend is English Tea that goes with or without milk, while the latter one is white tea which is a lot lighter in taste with a bit of floral flavour to it. If you want a more elegant choice? There are a wide selection of the delicate English brand, Wedgwood for you to choose as well! Oh, and the tea wares are all from specialty Wedgwood fine china too! 

Starting from the top tier

Queen Olives“Gordal” stuffed with orange & red vermouth – “Gordal” olives are the biggest olive in size, perfect for stuffing the jelly-liked filling which is slightly alcoholic. They complement each other well as the filling dilutes out the saltiness from the olives. 
Raspberry and Rose Foie Gras Lollipops with almonds – The most interesting canapes among all, it is a chocolate coated foie gras mousse with sprinkled almonds flakes on top. It melts in your mouse and it is an interesting combination of sweet chocolate and savory smooth and soft foie gras. 
King Crab and cucumber seafood roll, sour cream – something lighter for your top tier, the cucumber is refreshing and it brings out the freshness from the stuffed king crab meat. It is crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. 

Moving on to the middle tier

Akagai clam & tuna ceviche, tomato, cilantro & lime – what’s not to like for a seafood fiesta for the middle tier? There is no harm combining fresh clams, tuna, and salmon roes together! Yum! 
Balik style Salmon, caviar & crème fraîche – the classic canapes that is always sexy, elegant and tasty. We really enjoyed the fresh and flavourful salmon and the caviar together. 

Then we go to the bottom tier

Ibérico Ham with daiquiri infused melon – another very classic Italian influenced canapes that combines fruits and salty 48-month aged acorn fed ham together, while infusing daiquiri into melon gives the bite an extra kick. 
Lobster Grisini with Marie Rose sauce and avocado – it may be one of your favourites if you like crispiness. Although the lobster taste was quite subtle but at least the cracker was very tasty and nicely flavoured! 
Boquerones & Anchovies country bread topped with roasted red bell peppers – some people are not a big fan of anchovies but we absolutely loved it! The savoury anchovies and the naturally sweetened bell peppers go well with each other. We recommend you to enjoy this sooner as the bread may get soggy after sitting for too long. 

Wooden board presentation with English Cheese Selection served with Homemade Jams and Artisanal Breads. There are blue cheese, goat cheese, cheddar cheese, and Cornish cheese, with fig jam, pickled onion, and date jam. Can you guess what the green bread is? It is green tea pistachio bread! There are also raisin bread and cheese sticks! Which combination do you like the most? We liked the blue cheese with raisin bread the most. (Literally want to have some more right now!) 

The tea set uses seasonal ingredients, while seafood is a highlight for this summer. We were pampered very well with all the nice food. We highly recommend you to give it a try and we guarantee that you are going to love it. 

The Savoury Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood is served on weekdays from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m., and on weekends and public holidays in two sittings, from 2:15 to 4:15 p.m., and 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., priced at HKD$488 for two people.

Langham Hotel Palm Court

Phone: 2132 7898 


  1. I've tried both of the tea sets, and I liked the savoury one better. The Raspberry and Rose Foie Gras Lollipops with almonds was definitely interesting, but I think it needed to be washed down with champagne rather than tea.

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