Mid-Autumn Gift Hampers, the Perfect Way to Celebrate

Our Mid-Autumn celebration has come early, thanks to Gift Hamper HK for their lovely Mid-Autumn Hampers. Gift Hamper HK offers wide range of gifts tailored for different purposes including baby hampers, festivals, wine gift, luxury gifts, cards and ballons, etc. Gift Hamper HK also offers free delivery as well as 24/7 email support for their customers. Meanwhile, if you order by 1pm on a weekday, your Gift Hampers can be delivered to your door on the same day! 

Our hamper came in a nice basket with 7 items. It is pretty big and it woawed us when we received it. The basket is nicely packaged with ribbons and wraps. We have never seen any of those products in the basket and it gets us really excited already! And now, we are going to try all of them to give you a quick review. 

Australian Morish Pretzels 60g

These German mini pretzels are very crunchy with a light toasted taste to it. It is also lightly salted but not too salty, we think it would be a good combination to enjoy it with the caramel roasted peanut to give a sweet and salty excitement to our palette. 

Australian Morish Peanuts 80g

It is hand roasted and coated with caramel, it was sweet and crunchy, a perfect partner with a nice glass of chilled beer. We then decided to enjoy it with a glass of nice London pale ale and it was a really good match! 

Pariya Salted Almonds 110ml

These Australian almonds are dry-roasted with salt. At first, we did not really know how to open them but then their soft shell can actually be cracked easily under a gentle squeeze. These almonds tasted a lot more original than other heavily seasoned nuts. Almond is actually really really good for our bodies therefore it would make such an excellent gift!

Jules Destrooper Belgium Premium Butter Biscuits 200g

Inside the tin box, there are 3 individual packs with below buttery awesome snacks. By the way, the tin box looks so elegant and we are all fighting to keep it for other usage! 

Butter Waffle – crispy and rich in buttery taste, it reminded us of the Netherlands stroopwafels without the caramel! Yum!
Almond Thins – these thins are actually very crispy too! The almond slices inside the biscuits really enhance the almondy flavour and we simply cannot stop eating them! 
Butter Crisps – definitely the crispies among all three, taste is a bit more toasted and a bit lighter in flavour. 

In short, these 3 can easily be one of the best buttery biscuits in the market. There are a lot of brands producing the same but they simply are incomparable to Jules Destropper! 

Mademoiselle de Margaux Dark Chocolate Raspberry Twigs 60g

This French twigs is very unique from any other twigs because of its subtle raspberry taste. It was not sweet as it uses 52% high quality cocoa. The whole stick is made with chocolate but it is not overwelmingly dense and rich, it goes down really well with a cup of warm rejuvenating teas. It is also perfect for kids to munch on during Mid-Autumn Festival! 

Tea Forte – Rejuvenating Teas

Ginger Lemongrass Tea – A very soothing tea which is perfect to drink after a meal or simply for a more refreshing morning.

White Ambrosia Tea – It is the rarest Pai Mu Tan white tea blended with fragrant Madagascar vanilla and the tropical tease of island coconut. It is delicate, refreshing, and divine.

French ‘Valrhona’ Initiation Grands Crus Chocolate 160g

There are 32 squares of 6 dark and 2 milk Grand Cru chocolates in total. They are all rich and smooth in texture, we can taste the French luxury from these fine bites. There is no better way to celebrate the tradition Chinese Mid-Autumn festival with some fine chocolate while enjoying the full moon with families and friends. 

  • NEW ABINAO 85 %
  • GUANAJA 70 %
  • CARAÏBE 66 %
  • ALPACO 66 %
  • TAÏNORI 64 %
  • MANJARI 64 %
  • JIVARA 40 %
  • TANARIVA 33 %

We really enjoyed everything. It is a great treat to share with colleagues, families, lovers, and friends. Besides, Gift Hamper HK can be very affordable and luxury, it is a great way to please somebody you fancy or just simply an appreciation.

Gift Hamper HK offer 120 different kinds of gift baskets, they are priced from a few hundreds to a few thousands. There is always one, or three, that suits you. Mid-Autumn Hampers are available now! Remember to order it before it is too late! 

Gift Hamper HK
Phone: +852 2370 0885


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