Food Review: SAMA Soup Curry (Rich and Healthy Authentic Sapporo Curry)

SAMA is the first legendary Sapporo Curry branch in Hong Kong, it features the soup curry which uses spices, tomato/coconut/shrimp sou, and broth base. Soup curry has a lot of veggie to promote better health benefit.

The restaurant is also a nice place for a couple of drink with their Hitachino Nest draft beer imported from Japan. There are also a wide variety of small bites to go with your chilled beer, like spiced chicken karaage, tempura taraba crab legs, creamy garlic prawns and more. 

There are 3 spicy levels (Baby Bear, Adult Bear, Crazy Bear). If you win the Crazy Bear spicy level 30 challenge, you can be on the wall of fame with a photo.

Marathon Chicken with Tomato Soup- Baby Bear ($88)

This curry soup has tender chicken leg with assorted veggies including asparagus, capsicum, lotus root, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn, potato, eggplant, okra, and a runny half egg. We tried baby bear which was not spicy at all, big like big like! 

We have to highlight the soup base. The soup base is shipped directly from Sapporo, Japan. It is not cooked in Hong Kong like some of other restaurants do. The soup was slightly thickened and rich in tomato flavour with the blended tomato bits in it, which makes it easy to go down by just drinking it. The soup went super well with the warm Japanese rice. Traditionally, we should dip the rice into the soup, rather than pouring the soup over the rice. You may also have complimentary additional rice you think the rice is not enough for you!! Good news for big appetites! 

p.s. we have also tried the adult bear spicy level 15, it was already spicy enough to make us sweat! If you think you can handle it, feel free to take their spicy level 30 challenge! 

The chicken leg was gigantic! It was tender and soft, it had been cooked for hours to create this tenderness. Nice!

Hokkaido Corn Croquettes

Deep fried corn croquettes was steaming hot and the slightly sweetened sauce complement well with it. It should be a perfect pair with a glass of chilled beer. 

Spiced Chicken Karaage

Another deep fried dish that should go well with a glass of beer. The chicken was moist and tender, while the skin was super crispy and flavourful with all the spices sprinkled on top. The lime also enhanced the whole thing with a more citric taste to it. 

Taste: 8/10
Price: 9/10
Environment: 7/10
Service: 8/10

SAMA Soup Curry (Sheung Wan)
Enquiry: +852 2191 8850
51 Gough Street, Sheung Wan

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