Food Review: Cedele (Healthy Affordable Spot in Causeway Bay)

Cedele is a newly opened restaurant in June 2015. It features the idea of health eating with a western style to it. The restaurant uses their own fresh bread made daily, their eggs are all organic, their dressing are 50% less fat. The menu also features a lot of veggie to promote health eating and better lifestyle in this busy city. 

This is the third branch of this Singapore group, Cedele. While different shops are designed with different style. This new branch in Fashion Walk were designed by a Singaporean graphic designer with a lot of abstract drawings. 

Moving on to the food. They do have a big menu while in fact most of the items are available anytime of the day. They have All Day Brunch, Fashion Lunch, Tea, and Dinner menu, and they are all with very seasonable price! 

Grilled Beetroot Avocado Sliders (Vegetarian) ($58)

The restaurant highlights ‘homemade’, therefore they use their own spinach brioche bun. The beetroot was actually a piece of grilled beetroot and sweet potato mixture. It went really well with that big piece of avocado, to give it an extra kick, the sliders were complemented with chili jam. We liked it so much not only it was healthy but it was delicious and cute too!

p.s. Avocados are high in fat but they good fat that fuel your body, but not some bad fat (trans fat) that store and plague in your body. They are actually less fatty than lean beef! 

Black Truffle Organic Eggs & Beans ($120)

This dish is in the all day brunch menu therefore it is available all day. There are some organic eggs with black truffle, baked beans with bacon, caramelised onion, pork sausage and toasts. It was a hearty breakfast-like dish all in one pan. The eggs were a lot more flavourful since they were organic, and eggs never failed with truffle. It is a nice sharing dish with a couple slices of the crispy spinach toasts. 

p.s. Try to enjoy it when it is still hot because you don’t want your egg to get chewy once they get cold

Their lunch set is very affordable pricing at $95 with 1 Base + 1 Main. You may choose to have something lighter like open sandwich or a salad, something more filling like soba noodles and pasta, or even something more special like quinoa or grilled eggplants. 

Chicken Fillet with Salad Green

The chicken fillet was seasoned with turmeric, cumin, and desiccated coconut. It was tender and moist. There are nothing worse than dried chicken breasts! The salad green has a lot of good fibers like fresh garden vegetables, and Cedele never forgets to provide some healthy good fat like wholesome seeds and 50% less fat dressing. We chose honey and lemon dressing because honey is a good source of nutrient that we need to fight against any local bacteria, while lemon is a good detox juice and it helps with our big appetite! 

Barramundi Fish with warm Organic Quinoa & Black Bean

The Barramundi fish was seasoned with fresh coriander pesto and crispy curry leaves, while the organic quinoa and black bean were seasoned with red capsicum, onion, and garlic. The fish was very tender and was just cooked perfectly! We are some health junky here so we absolutely loved the quinoa and the black bean. 

p.s. quinoa and beans are very high in protein and fiber, which helps muscle growth as well as intestine movements

p.s. #2 be aware of the chili because they are super hot! I ate one and I was sweating my pants! 

Prawn & Organic Poached Egg Linguine Pasta with Basil Pesto and Pine Nuts dressing

The dish was seasoned with dukkah & garlic chili flakes. Let’s be honest, there is nothing sexier than a ooey goey runny poached egg. You may actually choose different dressing but we had chosen basil pesto and pine nuts because we love some good old fat from the nuts.

p.s. dukkah is an Egyptian condiment consists of herbs, spices and nuts. The taste is quite sharp, pungent, and unique. 

p.s. #2 nuts promote brain health and in fact weight loss as well

With $15 extra, you can enjoy a meal set with heart soup and iced tea. 

Cedele has 3 soup flavours daily and served with own made rustic wholesome raisin walnut breads from their bakery. The soup is made from scratch and naturally thickened with vegetables

Up: Pumpkin Soup – we could taste the freshness from the pumpkin and we particularly liked the small chunks of pumpkin meat in the soup. 

Down: Mushroom Soup (Gluten Free) – it was less heavy than other creamy mushroom soup in other restaurants, while this one was even richer with the mushroom taste, but we thought it was slightly too salty for us.

p.s. Cedele uses very high quality olive oil so do give it a try, olive oil is also very healthy and high in good fat too

Cedele uses greek yogurt to make their lassi drinks, therefore they taste a bit more sour than normal yogurt therefore it matches better with fruits and herbs.

Left: Forest Barries & Chia Seed Lassi ($40) – chia seed is one of the superfood containing high in omega-3 fatty acid

Right: Sea Salted Minty Guava Lassi ($40) – interesting sweet and savory combination that works really well

Down: Hot Cappuccino ($37) – Cedele uses their own roasted coffee beans, while caffeine can actually boost metabolism, which helps promote weight loss

Moving on the to the second stomach. Cedele has their baked goods, yogurt cups, and cakes freshly made daily too. Look at the beautiful display!

During tea time, we could choose dessert platter for two ($128) – any four items including handmade cakes, panna cotta, cheesecakes, homemade fresh tart, or cup desserts.

Their cakes are all made with unrefined sugar and grapeseed oil. If you want to just have once slice, it is $35 per slice, and $280 for the whole giant cake, which we found very affordable. 

Red Velvet Cake

This cake is different from any other red velvet cake because it uses natural red vegetable juice to make the red colour, rather than other artificial colouring. In the middle, there is lght velvety vanilla cream with a hint of chocolate which enhances the flavou. Cedele also uses cream cheese coating which is 1/3 fat of the butter. 

Carrot Walnut Cake

This cake is for nuts lovers, the cake is dense with generous amount of walnuts on the coating and carrots in the side. 

p.s. walnut helps fight a lot of disease like cancer, diabetes, brain and heart diseases

Vanilla Pomegranate Fresh Tart

Pomegranate is also one of the superfood, it is high in antioxidant which also helps prevent different types of diseases especially cancers. This is also the lightest dessert among all four and it should go well with a cup of good coffee.

Raspberry Cheesecake

All berries are generally good for you, not to mention raspberries. Berries are low in calories and fat, It is high in vitamin-C which helps maintaining good health. We found this cake very appeitising as it is sweet and sour. It would be a perfect dessert after a heavy meal. 

Not only you can dine in, but you may also purchase their excellent baked goods. They are all nicely presented in glass boxes for you to pick them up. They do have a wide variety including muffin, scones, cakes, loaf of bread, Before we left, we couldn’t help ourselves from buying a few more treats for the next morning. 

We had only chosen Almond Apple Bar and Apricot Sesame Bar as our breakfast. They are both very yummy and healthy because almond and sesame are good source of healthy fat, and nuts is actually a very good option for breakfast. They are also not too overwhelmingly sweet. We couldn’t believe how wonderful it could taste for the combination of sesame and apricot! 

We will come back again, and you should too. In Fashion Walk Food Street, there are a number of restaurants and we truly believe that Cedele has the healthiest menu. The price is also very affordable compared to other restaurants in the same area too! 

It is important to choose what we eat to promote better health being. We think that Cedele really do put their heart in their food. They really try to offer healthier options throughout their long menu. Meanwhile, they can still offer delicious and hearty meals for customers to satisfy their cravings. 

We highly recommend this restaurant and we cannot wait to come again for more. 

Another p.s. Cedele Group also owns Toss and Turn The Salad Bar at Pacific Place, there is no harm dropping by for some nice fiber filled salad! 

Taste: 9/10
Price: 10/10
Environment: 9/10
Service: 9/10

Cedele (Causeway Bay)
Enquiry: +852 2110 0490
Shop C, G/F, Fashion Walk, Great George Street, Causeway Bay

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