Food Review: La Station (Wan Chai)

Christophe Younes

La Station is a new cafe on Queen’s Road East in Wan Chai. The cafe is opened by three French gentlemen Merwann Younes, Christophe Younes, and Matthieu. Merwann and Christophe are brothers, while Merwann is actually the Assistant Director of Paul Lafayet.

The concept of the cafe is to offer a station, a quick stop for busy people to take a rest in this busy city. We particularly liked the design and the architecture of the place. The most distinctive interior would be the curve wall which reminded us of any MTR/subway/underground we have taken all around the world. This Wan Chai shop features red colour tiles, which immediately recalls us the red wall at Central MTR in Hong Kong. 

Christophe has revealed that different cities’ names will be used in their future shops, with various symbolic and cultural theme representing each city. Can you tell what the below photo is about? Yes! You are right! It is the Hong Kong MTR map! How clever and awesome the design is! We absolutely loved the idea and we wanted one in our office! 

Not only the design was cool, but also the coffee beans. Their coffee is from their own roasted beans, prepared by champion barista. La Station cares about the quality and service they are offering, therefore they would like the best to be presented and provided to their customers. 

We found one very interesting name from the menu, can you spot it? Yes, “Blackbeard Secret” was something we had never heard of before. 

*DRUM ROLL* It was not a stout but actually a glass of iced black coffee with coke, cinnamon and lemon juice. It tasted very pungent with all the spices. It was definitely a unique drink that is not too easy to explain, it had a mixed taste of bitterness, sweet, spicy, and sour, it might be a good drink for fighting cold? 

Blackbeard Secret ($40)

For other regular coffee, they are only serving them one size because it is believed that coffee is meant to be enjoyed slowly rather than chugged down. 

For hot drinks, we have started with Chocolate. Chocolate is actually a famous drink in France therefore we had a very high expectation. Turn out it was thinned out to probably suit the taste of Hongkongers. The cocoa flavour was still quite strong and the milk was just in the right amount!

Hot Chocolate ($40)
Rose Latte with Lemon Cake

Their rose latte gave us a surprise because the rose flavour was more natural than most of the coffee shops in Hong Kong. Christopher told us that they actually use the same rose essence that Paul Lafayet uses for their rose macarons! No wonder it was not as sweet and it smelled like floral to us. 

If you like your cake slightly sweeter, you will like their Paul Lafayet’s lemon cake. It was very lemony and moist, perfect for summer time. 

Rose Latte ($45) + Lemon Cake ($25)

Cappuccino with Mable Cake

We liked the cappuccino as well because again the milk and coffee is just right, they complemented each other nicely. It was not too rich or too creamy that filled you up easily, but it was just really well balanced with a flavourful coffee taste to it. I am no expert judging coffee, but I could tell it was a nice cup of coffee from fine beans

Cappuccino ($38) with Mable Cake ($25)

Piccolo Latte with Crème brûlée from Paul Lafayet

Who doesn’t like this cute little glass of the piccolo latte? Although the milk ratio should be higher in latte compared to cappuccino, we still didn’t think it was too rich to handle. It was in fact too good we wish we could have more than just 100ml. lol… 

At last, we had to have the Paul Lafayet’s crème brûlée to satisfy our craving. Honestly, their crème brûlée is one of the nicest ones in town. You can never have too much of it. 

Piccolo Latte ($32) + Crème brûlée ($45)

La Station also offers breakfast menu including daily freshly made bagels, yogurt cups and gourmet sandwiches, while salads, quiches, and some paninos are served during lunch. It is a place for anyone to come anytime to enjoy some good food, good drink, and good service. It you don’t like coffee as much, they have freshly homemade lemonade and orange juice. If you are hungry, they have freshly baked good for you. If you are tried or if you are a coffee lover, there are many different kinds of energy boosting coffee for you. 

What’s more? If you are a Paul Lafayet’s fan, you now have one more nice and cosy spot to hang out because La Station do serve quite a few hot items including their signature crème brûlée, brownies, and loaf cakes. 

Therefore, do come and pamper yourself. Remember to talk to Christopher because he is such a nice and open-minded guy. You will surely be entertained and served well at La Station. 

Taste: 8/10
Price: 10/10
Environment: 9/10
Service: 9/10

La Station (Wan Chai)
Enquiry: +852 2868 2100
G/F, 247 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai

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