Food Review: Primal Cut Bar & Grill

Primal Cut Bar & Grill is a newly opened restaurant in Causeway Bay, it is a mix of a sports bar, fine dining restaurant, as well as a fine steakhouse. The interior design is chic and it has a vibe of mystery since a lot of dark elements are used. The main dining area is in rectangle shape with natural light coming in from the windows. Next to it would be a bar area, it is an eye journey as you will see a great collection of different liqueur. What a great place to chill out with a few friends, while watching some sports game, enjoying some fine food.

Beef Carpaccio “Primal Cut Style” ($258)

It is not like any other beef carpaccio, but this “Primal Cut Style” is a crossover version of Japanese and American cuisines. It uses Japanese arugula which is smaller than usual, and Japanese poached egg which was cooked perfectly with a runny yolk. The starter was also garnished with a few slices of truffles and flavourful truffle oil. 

Deep Fried Calamari with Chili Tomato Sauce ($118)

Our first seafood dish had stunned us with the freshness and the crispiness of the 
calamaris. The calamari was not chewy like gum, but soft and bouncy. The chili tomato sauce was actually quite hot, which made it a great dish with a glass of chilled beer. 

Clams Simmered in White Wine Sauce with Fresh Herbs ($218)

The big clams were so juicy itself and they are even juicier after absorbing the white wine sauce, it is almost addictive to us. The sauce wasn’t too creamy and it had an almost perfume-liked white wine fragrance to it, which we absolute loved! We highly recommend you to enjoy it while they are still warm! 

Linguine with Cod Fish, Hokkaido Scallops, Blue Mussels and Truffle Cream Sauce ($298)

In short, everything was perfect, nothing was wrong in this dish. Each type of seafood was cooked with a heart, we could taste different way of cooking each piece of seafood. And of course, the linguine was al dente, the sauce was not too heavy yet not too runny. There was no harm adding another few slices of truffles and a few more drops of truffle oil to enhance the flavour to another level.

TOMAHAWK Bone in Wagyu 1,000g ($1,888)

A huge steak that is bigger than my face. In fact, 1,000g is counted with the bone in, and the bone probably takes up most of the weight. Anyway, the size is perfect for 3-4 people for sharing. The grilled meat was cooked nicely, you may see how pink the centre is. The edge was quite fatty and that why that’s the most tender part. It was a very hearty and meaty dish, a treat for meat lovers! 

The restaurant is also going to have their own aged steak soon which is actually in the process of aging. We hope to come back again and try their aged meat, we are sure they are going be as awesome as this! 

Crème Brûlée with Mixed Berries ($98)

It is not common to see Crème Brûlée this big Hong Kong, it reminded us of the Crema Catalana we had in Catalunia. The top was crispy and the inside was more like smooth and light cream texture, therefore we weren’t feeling too guilty after eating too much. 

Classic New York Style Cheese Cake ($98)

There were two types of cheese in this New York cheese cake. It took us quite some time to figure out what’s on top of the cheese cake? Do you think you can guess it? Let us know in the comment box below! 

Overall, we liked the steak and the seafood dishes the most. They always picked the seasonal seafood therefore they are fresh and not frozen! We can’t wait to come back again for their dried age steak. Not to mention the price, it is quite affordable for a fine dining restaurant with high quality food and ingredients. Meanwhile, the service was really good, we got served in a private room with excellent service. The ambient was warm yet exciting at the same time. We would recommend you to come and try it yourself, you won’t regret it! 

Taste: 9/10
Price: 9/10
Environment: 9/10
Service: 10/10

Primal Cut Bar & Grill (Causeway Bay)
Enquiry: +852 2618 3122
8/F, 38 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay

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