Food Review: Coast Seafood & Grill

Coast Seafood & Grill is one of the newly opened restaurants in Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay. The restaurant had their grand opening in early July 2015. The interior was spacious with an open kitchen, a VIP room, and outdoor area for pre-dinner drinks or happy hour. 

We were lucky enough to come and tried their lovely seafood and other delicacies. Their signature dishes are of course the seafood platter and grilled meat, meanwhile, they are also currently featuring the Whisky Flight Tour for diners to experience different whisky all over the world.

Seafood Tower on Ice – Celebration ($1,480)

This massive seafood platter has a Boston lobster, snow crab legs, oysters, carabineros, scampi, whelks, scallop sashimi, hamachi sashimi, manila clams, sea urchin. Perfect for sharing among 3-4 people. 

There were 6 Oysters from 3 countries, we just had it straight up without any condiments as we preferred their original taste. We liked the Gillardeau as it is the creamiest in texture and the richest in flavour.

  • 2 x Australia Smoky Bay
  • 2 x France Gillardeau
  • 2 x Ireland Harty

Hamachi Sashimi – It melts in your mouth! Absolutely love the buttery flavour from the fatty hamachi! 

Sea Urchin – it was definitely fresh and smooth but this species is probably not the strongest in flavour in terms of richness and natural saltiness.

Whisky Flight Tour ($188 set of six glasses, 20ml each)

  1. Nikka Taketsuru 12yrs, Japan
  2. Kavalan Single Malt 40%, Taiwan
  3. Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt, Highland
  4. linkwood 15yr, Speyside
  5. Longrow Peated, Campbeltown
  6. Laphroaig 10yr, Islay
It was a great way for everyone, from whisky beginners to alcoholics, to find out what your absolute preference is. They have over 50 different whisky from all over the world. We started off with the very anticipated Japanese whisky, then the very surprising and uncommon Taiwan whisky which we had never tried before, it then got better and better after it hit Highland regions. We enjoyed it very much especially the Scottish ones. Most importantly, we got to understand a lot more about our palette and our preferred drinks.

If you don’t like it straight up, you may also try other whisky cocktails on the menu. We chose Bourbon Earlgrey Martini, it tasted like summer fiesta, which was perfect for ladies who like sweeter drinks in this hot weather.

Deep Fried Oyster Burger with Tartar Sauce ($145)

There were two giant American oysters in one burger! The oysters were very juicy and moist even after deep fried! Although, the fries were a bit soggy after sitting for too long, but it still went well with the seasoned tartar sauce. In fact, the oysters tasted bwith the sauce too! 

US Rib Eye Steak 14oz ($385)

Grilled meat is one of the signature dishes of the restaurant. This rib eye steak was tender and juicy. Did you see how sexy the pink meat is? How could we resist this temptation?

Paper Wrapper Seabass with potatoes, cherry tomato, olives and anchovies ($175)

This Mediterranean inspired dish was seasoned with rosemary, fried garlic, and thyme, garnished with olives and baby potatoes. Compared to other seabass dishes, this is quite light as the restaurant emphases the original flavour of the food itself. Everything was good but the potatoes were quite under-seasoned. 

Caution: The fish is freshly cooked therefore scales and bones are complimentary! 

Taste: 9/10
Price: 9/10
Environment: 9/10
Service: 9/10

Coast Seafood & Grill (Causeway Bay)
Enquiry: +852 2576 8650
Shop C&D, Florida Mansion 9-11 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay

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