Food Review: Hotel Sáv Afternoon Tea Set

Hotel Sáv has been opened for less than half a year and they have recently launched a “Summer Blossom Afternoon Tea Set”which features sweets including Daifuku Mochi, macaron and savories including homemade Iberico BBQ pork sandwiches and goose liver mousse on brioche. The price is very reasonable which is $288 + 10% for 2 persons, available from 15:00 – 17:30 daily. 


There are four savoury canapés and five sweet canapés, with selected floral tea, coffee, or tea. The tea set comes in a bird cage which was stunning enough for us to take too many photos. We have then of course tried each one of them in order. 

Homemade Iberico BBQ Pork Sandwich
The Iberico BBQ pork was quite flavourful and the BBQ sauce really enhanced the flavour of the bite size sandwich! However, the toast was a bit hardened, was it because we were chatting for too long before we dig in? 

Smoked Salmon on Cucumber
The salmon was fresh yet slightly salted, it balanced out well with the fresh and crispy cucumber at the bottom.

Goose Liver Mousse on Brioche
Our favourite canapés among the all the savoury ones. The brioche was softer this time and flaky as well, while the goose liver was smooth and was nice in size. 

Mini Burger with Angus Beef
There were two colours of burger, I had chosen the black one which I have regretted a little bit. Personally, I prefer to have a softer bun and juicier patty. The black burger bun was actually harder than the white one and it tasted a bit like the charcoal bread. The beef slices were slightly too thin and the taste was slightly too mild for me.

Daily Cheesecake (with Acai Berry)
The cheesecake was interestingly softer and lighter than any other cheesecake because there was acai berry mixed into it. We had never tried any acai dessert and the taste was subtle, however, we could definitely feel a bit powdery in the texture. 

Mini Babas with Strawberry

The babas was so crunchy with the chocolate coating! We found that it was quite similar to the Chinese “Belly Button Cake” covered with chocolate and corn flakes, with cream and strawberry on top. Putting chocolate and strawberry together can never go wrong. It looked very pretty and we liked it very much. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Stick
At first, we althought it was a savoury canapés but then we found that it was actually a sausage roll liked, but chocolate hazelnut stick. It was our favourite sweets canapés as the blended chocolate and hazelnut filling was not too sweet in the inside, and it went really well with the salty puff pastry on the outside. 

The macarons were just in their original flavour. It was good because it was crispy and fresh (instead of chewy and soft). However, we still personally think that it was slightly over sweetened. 

Daifuku Mochi
One of the most exciting canapés in the tea set. Daifuku is Fuji Apple in Japanese. Mochi is usually sweet very filling, but this daifuku mochi was very refreshing and light. One was simply not enough to satisfy our craving! 

Last but not least, how can we leave without trying their colour cocktailsThere were seven handcrafted colourful cocktails and they were also available for the Happy Hour Raw Bar Temptation promotion which includes 6 oysters, 8 pieces of sashimi and 2 drinks for 2 people. 

We have only tried the milky strawberry one. We particularly liked the fruitiness from the berries as well as the mint leaves. It was a strong alcoholic drinks, on the other hand, it woke us up just like a hair of the dog in a Sunday afternoon!

In short, everything in the tea set was actually quite light and you won’t feel too guilty after eating too much of it. It was definitely worth a try with this price, especially it gives you such a photogenic birdcage tray. For us, our favourite was also the most innovative Chocolate Hazelnut Stick simply because it was the most creative and tasty one! Do give it a try and I can’t wait for your review too! 


Patisserie By Sáv

The shop is located at the G/F of the hotel and it is the supplier of the sweets canapés in the afternoon tea set. We can’t help ourselves from trying as we seldom come to Hung Hom! 

Mixed Berry Yogurt Cup with Honey
All berries were fresh and juicy. The yogurt is not too sour and it is the smooth like one. The tube is filled with honey which you can squeeze on the yogurt or simply your mouth! 

The barista must know I was in bad mood so he gave me a complimentary hot latte for me to enjoy. The roasted coffee beans are different from the one in the hotel therefore the taste of it was also stronger and richer in flavour. We are coffee lovers so we really don’t mind having extra caffeine in the mid-day. 

We would give it a thumbs up because the taste and freshness of the dessert cup, and the quality and strongness of the coffee is well up to par.

Extra Note
S – Style
A – Attitude (Attitude is emphasized because they care about the well-being of the guest and employees)
V – Vision

Taste: 7/10
Price: 10/10
Environment: 10/10
Service: 10/10

Hotel Sáv (Hung Hom)
Enquiry: +852 2275 8778
83 Wuhu Street, Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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