Charles Joly Presents the World’s Greatest Cocktail at Aqua

The World’s Best Bartender, Charles Joly, presents five new cocktails inspired by summer destinations served exclusively at aqua in Hong Kong and London from July 6th to August 31st 2015.

The international collaboration with the world’s biggest cocktail competition World Class™, presents the 2014 World Class™ Champion, Charles Joly, at aqua. Joly’s curated drinks list, captures the sense of summer in five famed locations; Biarritz, South Pacific, Ocean Drive (South Beach), The Provençal and the Garden of England. Each cocktail mixes CÎROC VODKA® with classic summer flavours and modern techniques, to represent the essence of each summer destination. The cocktails are priced at HKD148

Made with Cîroc ultra-premium vodka, Dry Sherry and complex Vermouth, finished off with a mist of Chamomile tincture

A cocktail inspired by the seaside locale, famed for fashion and frequented by royalty and Hollywood stars. A very delicate and precise cocktail which is finished off with a coupon sprays of mist of Chamomile tincture on top. It brings you to  a cocktail trip to South of France from the eye, smell, and then taste. 

South Pacific
A blend of infused Red Berry & Coconut Cîroc vodka served with Sour Pineapple, Campari and a dash of fresh lime – served slowly over ice

Inspired by a mix of vivid blue skies and fields of lavender, known for lush rose gardens and green bushels of ripe berries. A very refreshing and fruity drink from the coconut and pineapple flavour. Definitely a treat for nature lovers. 

Ocean Drive (South Beach)
Cîroc vodka mixed with sweet Sauternes wine, balanced with aged Champagne Vinegar and white grape – carbonated with Co2

A playful cocktail that brings a little fizz pays homage to the 1930’s South Beach image of glitz, glamour and fun. This cocktail did up our appetite with its slight sourness which is not usual to find in any cocktails. The white grape inside absorbs all the flavours and it gives you a final kick when you finish off the drink. 

The Provençal
Three parts Cîroc vodka made with three parts Amaretto, shaken with fresh Raspberry and Rose – topped off with frothed egg white and an Absinthe mist

A drink full of fragrance from the rose and the creaminess from the egg white. It looks elegant and sexy, one of the ladies favourites. 

Garden of England
Homemade Thyme liqueur, Yuzu and Cîroc vodka shaken and strained over ice, garnished with fresh Rosemary in Green Chartreuse, set on fire.

An eye catching cocktail when the rosemary gets heated up in front of your eyes to release the maximum flavour to your palette and the maximum fragrance to your nose. 

We were lucky enough to meet Charles Joly in person and he was such a nice, humble, and down to earth guy. He said he was already inspired by all the exotic Asian flavours when he’s on the road, and he may have some new ideas for his next cocktail! 

aqua spirit
+852 3427 2288
aqua, 29+30F, One Peking, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

+852 3583 2828

2nd Floor, Landmark Chater (Chater House), 8 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong

+852 3583 2828

2F + Terrace, Landmark Chater (Chater House), 8 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong

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