Restaurant Highlight: Royal Grill Ginji

Royal Grill Ginji has opened another branch in MOKO shopping mall, Mong Kong, developing its market in Kowloon side.

The restaurant features innovative teppanyaki and original izakaya delights, with fresh seafood directly imported from Japan. The newly branch is very spacious with a opened kitchen where you can see busy chefs creating amazingness in their teppanyaki section and other hot sections, while the cold sashimi section is at the back of the restaurant, next to a VIP room.

It is hard to pick their signature dish because the quality of their food is better than expected overall, for example Okonomiyaki, fresh sashimi, simple cheese and egg omelet, soft shell crab tempura, and some Japanese style crepes to cure your sweet tooth.
Okonomiyaki Pan Cake with Pork ($68)

Soft shell crab tempura ($118)

Home-made yuzu pastry cream and caramel crepe with yuzu sherbet ($78)

Supreme steamed egg custard with seafood ($78)

Address: Shop 367, Level 3, Moko, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Mong Kok 

T: (852) 2392 0028

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