Food Review: Boomshake

Boomshake is located at the heart of Hong Kong, Wo On Lane, Central. It takes the inspiration from America’s trailer food to Hong Kong. hkblogger had a few good experience with their catering services and we are so excited to give their dinner set menu a go.

We had ordered one of their dinner set, the signature chicken waffle dinner set, which consists of a main + side + drink = $168

Chicken Waffle with 3 cheese blend & Ranch / southern sausage gravy $88 a la carte
Beets Fries – beet root kewpie mayo togarashi $58 a la carte
Root Beer$35 a la carte

Artistic interior with lots of drawings. The design is very rustic and full of artistic vibe, you can never get bored while waiting for your food.   The restaurant runs on a self service mode and the staff are really nice. 
Comic like paper box, I was trying to understand the story though, although I think it may be more environmental friendly if a reusable container can be used for dine-in customers

Beet Fries was very crispy and crunchy. It is less greasy that I was expecting, the mayo has a kick to it with five spice added
This chicken waffle should be their signature dish with 3 cheese blend & ranch sauce. The waffle was slightly sweeter than expected, but it balances out with the slightly salted chicken fillet and the cheese sauce. We enjoyed it very much with our root beer! 

Taste: 8/10
Price: 6/10
Environment: 8/10
Service: 9/10

+852 2660 5977 <– go check the site out as they have put a lot of effort into it
Shop B ,G/F Wo On Building, 8-12 Wo On Lane, Central

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