Chinese Girl’s Kidney Stolen After Sex

Some of you might have already heard of this news before. Many countries are doing human trafficking, some of the kids or girls are sold, nevertheless, some are even sold for organs.

Here is one of the cases in Mainland China, a girl was picked up by a good looking guy in nightclub. The guy got her drunk and rented a hotel room. They had sex then the girl was fainted. When she woke up she realized she is laying in the bathing tub filled with water with ice. She called emergency, later on doctor came and found out she has 2 9-inches stitches on her lower back. 2 of her kidneys are stolen!

From the news, she died later on since no kidney donor for her. I am posting this to raise the awareness of the serious of human trafficking and organ stealing. Please share this post to make have a peace world for everyone. Thank you.

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