What would be the big hit technology in 2012?

Yesterday, the media manager from renowned company asked me, what would be the biggest hit in technology this year?

I immediately said “iPhone5” . First of all, apple has their production period for every product. iPhone5 would be coming later this year. Why would iPhone5 be the biggest hit instead of Android? Obviously I am an Apple fans 🙂

Android is very powerful and business oriented, though the whole experience that iPhone can provide is completely different. It is true that people may found iTunes is hard to manage and organize, and Androids provides a better platform for different kind of users. However, most of the people find apple easier to pick up.

What would be the biggest hit in 2012? You tell me … hopefully we can share more ideas with each other


  1. uhhhm, the topic question remains unanswered: “What would be the big hit technology in 2012?”

    A phone is a gadget, the underlying ‘technologies’ it uses are many. Its technologies(plural) already became a hit in years past (cell phones, digital cameras, handheld media players, etc..). You own a cell phone, I own a cell phone, the average Joe owns a cell phone, hell, my gramma owns a cell phone… it’s old news 😉

    So what about a technology (without specifying a gadget that uses it/is based on it) that could potentially get a real commercial kick off in 2012? … 3D printing?… driver-less cars? … robotic servants? …

    Well if I was to give a realistic answer, I’d say: Tablets.
    I don’t own one, the average Joe probably doesn’t yet either.
    But: The likelihood I’d own one by end of 2012? High.

    Tablets were a ‘cool’ thing last year, when they become an essential thing, then they’ll be a big hit.

    my 2 bits.

  2. Doh I meant to start with ‘touch screens’ and then get into tablets but I lost my train of thought, lol…

  3. Very good comment and very good sense of thought. I do agree with you that tablet will be a big hit and there will be more people owning one. On the other hand, I would like to see some break-through tech coming up this year 🙂

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