iPhone 5

Have you noticed everything comes out before announcement day are all rumors?

People said iPhone 5 will come out, however what we see is iPhone 4Gs (a.k.a. the most amazing iPhone yet). I would say Apple really keep their secret pretty well.

Let’s say the next one is iPhone 5, what do we expect from the another most amazing iPhone? Here are the new features that I want to see, at least…

  • Bigger Screen because we need it
  • Faster processor for sure
  • New shape with lighter body or thinner
  • Longer battery lifetime, hope iPhone won’t let any unnecessary processes to eat the battery in the background
  • Better compatibility with iCloud, fix the bugs with the duplicate data and security

What are you looking for from the next iPhone? What is your expectation? Leave a comment below to share your ideas 🙂

TtT – Kelly

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