Why are you here?

I have a new Twitter follower she sent me this message:

“I live and breathe music, dancing and creativity – what rocks your world?”

I replied with a tweet:

” I love, trust, control my mind. I live my life and I like to spread the word and get in touch with people. ”

Smartphone, tablet, laptop, netbook, desktop…..At the end of the day, what do you get from the internet after sitting/holding in front of it whole day?

Long playlist history of YouTube video?
Tons of information from different sources?
Document/media work done?
Online investment?
Made lots of friends in social network?
A relationship?
Geeks like me who just loves to do anything with computer?

For most of us we may have to work in front of the computer whole day, and the first thing we do after we go back home is to stick with your computer again. What is so attractive about it and what are you trying to get from it?

I do appreciate everyone of you who visited my website. Share with us what you do every day in the World Wide Web. G’day to y’all 🙂

TtT – Kelly

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