iPhone without data

I have been to Singapore for 2 months. Since minimum contract takes 2 years to complete, I decided to use prepaid only (and it is a good decision for me). My prepaid sim card has no data, at first I thought my iPhone has become brick. I only use it to listen to music, alarm or mini game like “Fling” to kill my time.

Though I have found myself. I started picking up an actual books to read on the road. I started to be more productive and do my thing rather than tumbling my fingers to whatsapp or Facebook.

I still use my iPhone at home using wi-fi but most of the time I stick with laptop. I think it is a good thing to experience. I will still need all the social media but I now also know how addicted I was.

I think people should really be careful of the usage of their phone, there is still a life out there, experience it. Open you eyes to the world. Do not abuse the technology that helps with our life. It plays a main role in our future, so treat it right.

Let me know what you think… How long can you stay “alive” without your smartphone?


  1. Me? I won’t survive a day without a smartphone. Most of my data live in the cloud, without a smartphone I don’t have my mobility which doesn’t suit my working habit at all.

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