Singpore Orchard Road During Christmas

I went to Orchard last night for movie 50/50. First of all, decoration on Orchard road is stunning. It was quite beautiful, I saw at least 3 giant christmas trees along my 10 mins walk to cinema.

Movie 50/50 was quite nice, it was so painful to watch. I was about a man how to deal with cancer emotionally. How his friends, his family around him suffers. The most important thing is to stay positive stay happy.

To me, this movie opens my mind somehow. To family, it is you to choose how to treat them. It is you to let them take care of you. You cannot change them, you have to take care of the situation.

Wish everyone is having a good time anywhere around the world. Feel full, feel bright 🙂


  1. I encountered no problem with images on my blog. It would most likly a dead link or bad link that you have embedded into your post. Thanks for you comment, let me know if you need further assistance.

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