Google+ Overview

I have been using Google+ for the past week. I found it really better than Facebook in long-term. I love the privacy of Google+ over Facebook. Auto-update feed is running pretty smooth. What is not impressive are the picture viewing pop ups and the hangout smoothness.  Spark is pretty neat you can follow-up your favourite topics very easily.

In my point of view, Google+  enhanced Google of the concept that it is only for searching. Instead of having Google as homepage, you can have Google+ to update yourself in the first place, else you can check your sparks for your favourite topics.

All Google features are compatible with Google+ you can easily view/send your emails, you can chat with your friends with video or voice which was added to Google long time back. Google+ can pretty much give you all the experience you would like to have with your browsing, it is not only a social networking site, but it is a media for everything you need.

If you would like to try out Google+, please leave your Gmail address here or send to . I still have a number of invitation for new comers. I am more than happy to invite you for this awesomeness. Thank you.

TtT – Kelly

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