How to JailBreak iOS 4.3.3

Now JailBreak can be done on your devices really easily. I would like to walkthrough you the process and source that I add in Cydia.

  1. Go to on your device
  2. Install Cydia
  3. Done!!!

What to do with Cydia?

  1. Add sources:
  2. Add Packages:
    • 3G Unrestrictor
    • Appsync
    • Categories
    • Install0us
    • SBsettings
    • Winterboard
JailBreaking is very easy, however maintaining your device in a good shape might be hard when it is too late for you to realize you have put too many things in it. Please share with us if you have any useful sources or packages.
TtT – Kelly


  1. Thank you for the post, this is really helpful, keep it up and I have subscribed your blog 🙂
    Have a good day 🙂

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