Google+ is another social network created by Google after Buzz. Hopefully not another fail attempt.

I have just signed up and people please don’t get panicked because it takes a few hours for Google to full activate your account, it says “We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.” At the mean time of waiting, I have watched a few reviews over the net, one thing I like it very much and I would definitely prefer Google+ over facebook is that, it has circles. What is circles? Circles is like groups from facebook. You can categorize your friends in different circles like families, friends, colleagues etc. You can choose to update status in a particular circle or in public. From my understanding, Google+ will have better privacy and security for users.

Another feature is called “Hangout”, it’s looks like a Skype group video chat for me however now you can do it on your browser. I would love to try out the stability and more compatibility with other social network like YouTube. So far, I found that Google+ has better functionality based on information and usefulness. It could be more like business-wise or else more delicate rather than very casual facebook, though it depends on how the developers are going to implement it.

More information and screenshot will be coming up soon once I get the actual access to this new service.

Trial has just been released, you can sign up in here

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