Microsoft office 365 Beta for FREE!!

Microsoft office 365 is running Beta now. If you have a windows live ID you can register a free domain name with 20 users. Company email will also be provided. Everything is run in your browser.It is a new all-in-one online system for small size company to have a very well-managed kick start.

  • It is a subscription service that can be run on almost any devices on any platforms, users can simple log in and access from anywhere virtually
  • Users can edit website by simple clicks and modifies, or else HTML coding can also be implemented
  • Microsoft office is merged into the system and can be used online remotely already word, excel, power point, one note, files can be created, saved, and share with share point. Emails are managed by online Outlook. Database can also be managed by Access.
  • Users can set up group chat, video chat, online meetings, and instant messages using windows live accounts

Official version is yet to launch, more features by Microsoft are yet to be experienced
More information can be found in official website

p.s. when logging in Microsoft Office 365, please use onmicrosoft email not hotmail. E.g. [username]@[entreprisename]

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  1. So basically what google has only more accessible to users familiar with the office interface? Innovation has new meaning, not completely being sarcastic but definitely kind of funny timing. You’d have to think that this will also offer a better profit margin than desktop versions of office, where serious users only upgrade when they have to

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