Apple strategy for iOS5

When iOS4 came out there were lots of changes however iOS is still not user friendly. Steve Jobs announced iOS5 with the biggest topic of this WWDC, iCloud. Beta is already available for Apple developers.

iCloud it’s like a virtual media for you to share all your files and everything between networks.

Apple created iOS4 with inefficiency and iOS5 with better functionality and mobility I would say, developer always create issues and sell another product to debug it. Besides, those “new functions” are not new to some of us since jailbreaker experienced them long time back already.

Though I cannot wait to experience on-hand with the better smoothness and compatibility of the notification menu. Your mummy can finally sync their Apple devices easier by putting them on the dock not by putting them on the to-do list. Most probably Apple is going to announce iPhone5 this fall with iOS5 with Lion, then start selling it few months later with better versions. At least some rumors are unveiled now, looking forward to more excitements.

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